This is an old page - it still exists for archival purposes, but it hasn't been on the menu since 2005, possibly earlier. That means I wrote it as a young teenager and found it embarrassing or redundant enough to disown it even when I was fifteen. Thus, it is probably outdated, poorly or childishly written and presented, and otherwise of questionable quality, and I do not necessarily endorse any views and opinions expressed here today. If you've stumbled upon it, treat it accordingly.

Recommended sections

Here are some sections of my site I recommend for anyone to check out. Of course, this is only to get you started, and this does not mean you shouldn't check out the other sections too.

What is pokémon? is much more than just an explaination of what pokémon is. It is my version of the history of pokémon training, and has the interesting similarities I've noticed between pokémon and chess. I redid the old section to be interesting, and it came out very good. Click here to check it out!

The secret link game is fun, too. Try to find a secret link on my site, gathering clues around the pages. And the secret link leads to a secret page! Click here to search for the secret link.

The pokémon hangman is... well, hangman with pokémon names. Try to guess the pokémon before Pikachu Thundershocks you. Also a "251 mode", so don't fear if you haven't learned the names of the new pokémon. Click here to play the Hangman.

The contests are two: One normal and one "theme contest". The normal one is for any fake pokémon, gym or character you've made, will instantly be put in the Hall of Fame, and I will judge them and give a ribbon to the best one. The theme contest is themed around a certain thing, at the moment it's "the lousiest pokémon" so you can send the lousiest pokémon you can think of that fits certain restrictions. Click here for the normal contest, or here for the theme contest.

The forums are a nice place where you can chat. You don't need to tell any personal information, so nothing should really stop you from signing up. Click here for the forums.

The correct spelling of all pokémon names is something some people are in more need for than others, but it's always good to check, just to be sure. Click here for the names.

The sprite gallery, well, it's my spriteworks, and who knows, you may like some of them. :) Click here to go to the sprite gallery.

The Anti-anti-pokémon for pokémon haters section has counters to more than thirty reasons pokémon haters sometimes bring forward, most of them by me but a few fan-sent ones. All 100% flame-free. Click here for the Anti-anti-pokémon for pokémon haters section.

The Anti-anti-pokémon for pokémon fans section is for pokémon fans in AAP business, basically with a few tips about how to be a successful AAPer. Click here for the Anti-anti-pokémon for pokémon fans section.

The Anti-anti-pokémon for pokémon section is a bit weird. I took a pokémon hater's 21 ways to kill pokémon, and changed them to tips for pokémon who are confronted with a pokémon haters who's decided to try out those 21 ways, usually involving killing the pokémon hater. It's NOT there for pokémon fans' entertainment or mine, it's there to get pokémon haters to think and look at those "(insert number here) ways to kill pokémon" in another way, just so they'll realize what's wrong with them: They assume that pokémon are plush toys you can do whatever you want with. Click here for the Anti-anti-pokémon for pokémon section.

Stop the flaming! is a club for pokémon fans, pokémon haters or neutral people, who detest flamers and want to replace all the flaming with peaceful debating. I even took the menu and everything that hints that it's owned by a pokémon fan away from it, just so pokémon haters are more likely to bother reading it. Click here to join STF.

Why pokémon isn't animal cruelty, well, the title says it all. It's a detailed version of a counter in the Anti-anti-pokémon for pokémon haters section. Click here for the logic behind that.

The "What pokémon are you" quiz is not your average "what pokémon are you". The system in this one is completely unique, not just having five answers possible, and each of them is for one pokémon. In EVERY SINGLE OTHER "What pokémon are you" I've seen, you can check out all of the possibilities by answering first A in all the questions, then B, then C, then D and then E and then you've seen all the pokémon you can possibly be. This is not like that. It is likely that you'll never find out how to become a Tyrogue... or some other pokémon... there are twelve pokémon you can be, and six answers that matter for each question (the seventh one just makes the caculations skip the question). For short, there's no way you're going to just go through the quiz and get all the possibilities :-) It took me a lot of time to find the exact answer combination that would give me a Tyrogue, I managed to make the system that complicated... Click here to see what pokémon you are.

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