"What pokémon are you" quiz

I know there's a lot of "what pokémon are you" quizzes around, and even more "what so-and-so are you" quizzes, but this one's a little different. For most such quizzes, the answers you give "vote" for a certain character, and the one that gets the most votes wins. This one has more possibilities, each answer adding one to a certain personality, and then you are the exact pokémon that personality fits. Well, there isn't much more. Enjoy! :)

You meet a pokémon that's your species and the opposite gender. A good-looking one, too. What do you do?
Challenge them to a battle and beat the guts out of them!
Ask them out right away!
Go completely nuts and yell "OH MY! You're the cutest pokémon I've ever seen!"
Wait to see if they like me.
Act like they don't exist. They're too weak for me.
Ask them not to hurt me.
I have no idea.

A trainer approaches to catch you. What do you do?
Kill him!
Try and make friends with him.
Wait for him to come, then just try to evade the pokéball when he throws it.
Like he would be able to catch me! Forget it! I'd beat his pokémon very easily.
Just wait for the ball to come. I can't do anything about it.
I don't know.

Your trainer catches a new pokémon and just let you all out of your balls. What do you do when you see the newbie?
Use my strongest attack on it as a welcoming.
Say hi and talk to it.
Yell "OH MY! Someone new! I didn't know! How are you doing?" etc.
Just look at them until they come and talk to me.
Tell them I am the one who rules among this trainer's pokémon.
Hide from them.
I don't know.

What do you think about pokémon that are weaker than you?
They are worthless. They deserve to die.
They are just like other pokémon, but they're not braggy and boring.
They're so shy to me! Why are they doing that?
They can be what they want. Often they don't talk to me, but then I don't talk to them.
Weaker than me? All pokémon are! They're losers!
Weaker? Are there any weaker than me? I'd be delighted to meet one!
I don't know.

What do you think about pokémon that are stronger than you?
I'll be stronger than them some day, and then I'll kill them all!
They're just like other pokémon. I like them like all others.
OH MY! Strong pokémon are so cool! I want an autograph!
They can be what they want, just like the weaker ones.
Stronger than me? Hah! Even if you search the whole world, you'll never find a pokémon that's stronger than me!
I'm afraid of them. But well, I'm used to it.
I don't know.

A pokémon you don't know asks to be your friend. What do you do?
Kill them and go.
I'd accept and be their friend.
OH MY! You want to be MY friend! Oh my! Oh my! ...where did you go? Hello?
I'd think about it and then accept or refuse.
Pah! They're too weak for me! Go away!
I'd accept as long as they'll protect me against those big pokémon I'm afraid of.
I don't know.

You are battling a pokémon you're weak against. Your trainer asks you if you want to be recalled. How will you answer?
I'd tell him to shut up and kill the pokémon.
My trainer can decide. I trust him. I can take on the enemy if my trainer wants me to, and I can go back to my pokéball if he wants me to.
Do I want to? Are you asking me? OH MY! I don't know anything about battle techniques! I have no idea if it's good!
I'd let him decide. It's his battle, not mine.
NEVER! Do you think I'm some kind of a weakling? I can beat anything!
Please recall me, I don't like the look of that pokémon there.
I don't know.

Your trainer just changed his mind as you're about to give the wild pokémon you're battling the final blow and decided he wants to catch that pokémon instead of beating it. Do you give any comments?
Hey, who cares about catching pokémon? Let's kill it!
No, I wouldn't say anything. It's good to have him catching the pokémon instead of hurting it, besides, it could be my friend.
OH MY! Are you going to catch that pokémon? It it strong? Will it replace anyone in your team or will you just send it home? etc.
That's my trainer's decision. It's none of my business.
Excuse me? Are you going to CATCH that weakling? You're mad! Catching such a weak pokémon when you have such a strong pokémon?
No, it's just fine not having to battle anymore.
I don't know.

If you have an evolved form, do you want to evolve?
Yes! Then I can kill more pokémon! Kill kill kill!
No, I don't think so. I could turn into a complete other person. I don't want that, I like myself the way I am.
OH MY! Can I evolve? I - I don't know - yes... no... yes... no... yes! Or no.
My trainer can decide. I'm ready for anything.
Anything for more power!!!
I guess so, if that makes me any stronger.
I don't know.

Your trainer just battled a gym leader in a three on three match. He did not use you. He lost, and now he took you out of your pokéball and starts apologizing, saying he would've won if he had used you. How do you react?
I'd blast some attack at him to teach him not to do that again.
I'd tell him it wouldn't have made much of a difference if he had used me.
OH MY! You lost? I'm so sorry! If you had used me, I'd have... I'd have... I'd have... I don't know...
I'd tell him he can always try again.
I'd tell him this should teach him never to leave his strongest pokémon out of the battle.
I'd tell him it was very wise of him to leave me out of the battle, and he would never win if he used me.
I don't know.


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