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Anti-anti-Pokémon for Pokémon fans

After seeing the anti-anti-Pokémon stuff on Mewtwofan's Pokémon page, I decided that I had a lot to say on the anti-anti business too. So, here is my little page of tips to Pokémon fans.

Well, through a bit of thinking, I found out that there are two types of Pokémon fans. They are:

  • The logical type: Those who counter Pokémon haters' reasons for hating Pokémon.
  • The "cussing them out" type: The ones who attack anti-Pokémon sites by sending the webmaster emails of "You suck!" and putting it in their guestbooks and message boards with no reasoning behind it.

Here are tips for everyone who's on AAP business...

If you're in a direct conversation with a Pokémon hater, through e-mail or a forum:

  • Sarcasm is our best friend. The sarcastic person is the smart one. When you're sarcastic, you're automatically being smarter than the other person.
  • Don't swear at them. They use it against us, saying we're immature and all that. You can't go around cussing in AP guestbooks and then saying Pokémon haters are immature.
  • Don't lose your temper. I've made that mistake. If a cussing Pokémon hater starts repeating the F word at you, answer calmly, something like "Are you quite sure this will cause me to see the light?" If a Pokémon hater stereotypes Pokémon fans, just tell them that not all Pokémon fans are like that.

If you're communicating indirectly with Pokémon haters, through an anti-anti-Pokémon page or a rant or just anything where you're simply saying something to all Pokémon haters, there are a bit different things I suggest you do.

  • Don't be too sarcastic, but don't be too honest either. Don't say "You're an idiot", even if you think so. Don't swear at them, even if you feel that's what they deserve. Be very polite. It works, because it makes them much more likely to want to read what you have to say. Remember that the only difference between us is our opinion about Pokémon.
  • DO NOT HACK OR PROMOTE HACKING OF ANTI-POKÉMON WEBSITES! They have the rights to have their websites. We don't want them to hack our sites, do we? No. AAP's goal is not to remove all AP sites from the internet. Our goal is to defend Pokémon.

Now, that's about it for the Pokémon fans. You can read the Anti-anti-Pokémon for haters section too if you want.

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