Sevii Walkthrough

This walkthough picks up after beating the Elite Four in FireRed and LeafGreen and was written by Nidokingu, not me, okay?

  1. Pallet Town
  2. One Island
  3. Four Island
  4. Five Island
  5. Six Island
  6. Pattern Bush
  7. Green Path
  8. Ruin Valley
  9. Dotted Hole
  10. Rocket Warehouse
  11. Cerulean Cave
  12. Five Island (2)
  13. Lost Cave
  14. Seven Island

Pallet Town

Alright, since Butterfree was too lazy too finish it, I'm doing it for her. If the rest of this walkthrough is crap, blame me. Unlike her, I'm not going to cater to your every whim. I would assume you people are smart enough to know some basic things.

Anyway, now that you have arrived back in your hometown, you'll get a Pokédex upgrade that you need in order to trade with R/S/E. You still can't trade with those versions yet, though. You must do some more quests. Now, in the original game I believe at this point you could head straight to Cerulean Cave and grab yourself your very own pet Mewtwo. Well, they kinda changed that in FR/LG. Now you got some stupid guy with nothing better to do than shoo curious passerbys away. It's times like these that make me wish you could just clobber a person in the game.

This is where you begin. Your Rival suddenly runs off rambling about One Island like it's some special place and all things holy must originate there. Okay, maybe it's not that bad, but you get the idea. Get to Vermilion City somehow and go down the dock you used to get on the SS Anne. Some sailor will ask you for a ticket and you specify an island to visit. I think the choice is clear, but it's One Island for those that get as lost as I do sometimes. (I love how fast that boat goes.)

One Island

Once you get there, go to the Pokémon Center. Just say your intuition made you. That dude in front of that gigantic machine looks mighty suspicious, and what do you know? I was right. He starts rambling about some jewel on the island that he needs and asks you to go find it. I guess he wasn't feeling up to doing it himself. Figures...

If I were you, I'd begin searching around the volcano. You know, that place you found Moltres and nearly threw your GBA or DS out the window because it wouldn't stay in the ball like a good flaming doom bird? Yes, there. Now you'll be walking along minding your own business and you'll suddenly run into two guys in black suits... well, it's Team Rocket.

They're rambling about treasure (bingo) and some secret hideout. They manage to blab out the first password. It might be random, but I got "GOLDEEN need log". I swear the person that thought that up needs to be shot. Unfortunately for you they aren't as dumb as the guy that made the password and they'll spot you before giving the other one. Just go up to them and mow them down. One has a Rattata, just to give you an idea of the difficulty.

Once you make them look like fools, go inside. You'll stumble across Geodude, Slugma... the path is fairly straight forward. Just go where it will let you and you'll come across some movable boulders. Push the first one right twice, go down to the bottom one and push it right once, then go to the top one and push it up once. Now continue right and down to the ladder. Go down.

Now you'll approach... another boulder! Push it right once, then go up and push it down. Now continue right; there are two paths. Take the one going straight down. The other one is a way back to the entrance. Anyway, continue and push that next horribly annoying identical boulder all the way to the left and head down the stairs and ladder.

Be amazed as your ancient ancestors knew how to cater to the blind. Never mind the fact that it would take a miracle for a blind person to be able to navigate this deathtrap filled with living puddles of molten lava and rock. Okay, it seems you European folk get it easy. You apparently have a Braille chart in your instruction booklet. Us American people get screwed and have to use our heads... life sucks.

I am completely lazy and refuse to do this FOR you; I'll give you a hint to decode it. (What, did you think I'd give you the answer to the whole game? Your parents (or you) spend all that money on a game and you want the quick way out of a puzzle? Shame...) The first room you enter is an array of Braille stones, eight large and two small. Note that the first 'large' stone is 'abc'. The one to the right of it is 'def' and so forth... The two small ones are punctuation. Top one is a period and the one below is a comma. Obviously, this is an alphabet chart. RECORD THIS CHART. Trust me. You should at least do something to make your game seem worthwhile.

Get out a pencil and paper or your favorite Braille decoding site, 'cuz we're goin down the ladder. Now, you see that thing in the center that's screaming "TAKE ME!" in your mind? Listen to it. It's a ruby. You can feel rich now. Now, go to that puny tablet. Read it and have fun. "Everything has meaning. Existence has meaning. Being alive has meaning. Have dreams. Use power." Woooo... deep... so deep it makes my skin crawl. Wait, I'm being eaten alive by ants. Yes, it's true. Everything has meaning... except for that tablet. It's completely pointless.

You can leave now. Head out of the cave by retracing your footsteps and then taking that alternate route that I said leads out. Now there are two boulders there. They want to block your path because that's what boulders do. Show 'em who's boss. Push the upper one to the right, then take the opened path down and push the lower one to the left. Now continue down. Those boulders will hopefully think twice before messing with you again. Keep climbing ladders until there are no more. Jump down the ledge and go down. Yay, you're out!

Once out, go back to the Pokémon Center. Unfortunately, you play the role of an honest hero, so you can't keep the ruby for yourself. Yah, I'm sure you'd all give a ruby half the size of your head to someone you don't even know...

Well, talk to the guy in front of the machine and he'll freak, then call you "Simply amazing!" and ask YET ANOTHER favor of you. You can say Yes or No. Unfortunately, this wouldn't be much of a walkthrough if I said No, so I'm going to say Yes. Well, you do get at least 'something' out of the deal. He'll upgrade your pass and map, so now you have unlocked more islands. The point? You have to find another gem. You know, you could OWN all those islands with gems like that. Well, at least it's not a total loss. You can still retrieve the other gem, come back and beat the crap out of him, taking both. Then you can retire! Meh... I want Mewtwo.

Four Island

I suppose we should go in order. The first new unlocked island is called Four Island. Umm... the guy who came up with that password obviously had some control over the island names too because these names are... terrible. Go there anyway.

Well, well... it's your Rival. He starts bragging about how he knows all about Pokémon eggs and he's going to fill his dex before you. Wait till you tell him you're the reincarnation of many different trainers (depending on how many games you own). Once he's done babbling, he'll run off without a battle, which is fine because I was starting to wonder when he'd knock off the "I'm a better trainer than you!" garbage.

YAY! G/S/C music! Now you can go up the stairs and have a look around this new town. If you'll notice, there's an old man acting as a piece of fencing next to a house with a few Pokémon. (Two of which are Nidoran, I might add. I'm happy now.) It's apparent that it's a Daycare Center. There must be some trend starting. Old daycare men are starting to act like fencing.

After you talk to the fence and verify that it's really a man, go right and enter that house. There are two identical men standing there. Just to warn you, they are really weird... they are doing something I'm not sure anyone in their right mind would want to be a part of. Needless to say, the man on the left will teach one of your pokemon Body Slam.

Next to the Pokémart there's a a house of interest. Go in and talk to the kid in the chair. He's some sticker lover and will trade a sticker for tales of fame and glory. Go ahead and brag about your Hall of Fame title and anything else you might have on your list. He'll give you a sticker for it.

Once you leave and talk to more people around town, you'll learn that this is where Lorelei of the Elite Four resides. The house near the Pokémart with the mailbox is Lorelei's home. Now, as much as I'd like to trash the place after the way her Lapras wasted my Pokémon, I'd rather do it while she's actually around.

Once you see her sickeningly huge collection of dolls, you can leave. Assuming your Pokémon are healthy, go down and down the stairs. Surf the water and pick up that Stardust along the way. Keep surfing up and enter the Icefall Cave... I feel like groaning now. Surf across the gap and enter the opening.

Wow.. you'll probably notice that there are some of the newer Pokémon in this cave. I've just caught a Sneasel. I guess it can't be too bad. As soon as you walk over the ice spot, you'll know you're in trouble. It's one of those tiles that will break if you step on it twice. Ahead, four ice tiles will be staring you down... laughing at you. The best way is to go up along the right tiles then grab the Ultra ball.

Now continue around going left and then down over the left tile, turning left again. Go up and get to the dead end with the two ice tiles. Pick the upper one and step on it twice to break it, causing you to fall. Take the ladder up and break the upper tile. Go right to get the Nevermeltice. Go left, up, left and back up the ladder. Now break through the bottom tile. Go up, right, down, left, down and then go grab the Full Restore on the left side of the ladder. Now take the ladder up. I'm getting kinda bored here... yay! Grab the HM Waterfall and jump the ledge. Now head out the opening. You'll need a Pokémon to learn Waterfall. So I'm making you run all the way back to the Pokémon Center.

Now, use Waterfall on the... waterfall (duh). Then go down the ladder. Go down the other ladder and... Lorelei and Team Rocket?! *gasp* Team Rocket is capturing Pokémon here and selling them. You must enter a Pokémon battle and blast away a few Pokémon. No challenge, really. After all, this is Team Rocket. Have they ever been a challenge? Once you beat one member, Lorelei will threaten one of them with being frozen if they don't say where the pokemon are being held. The Rocket will say it's the Rocket Warehouse on Five Island. They all flee after that. Now you can leave.

The rest should be pretty much obvious. High-tail it to the dock and get to Five Island; heal your Pokémon on the way.

Five Island

Once you get there, you'll see that the town here is TINY... two houses and a Pokémon Center, to be exact. Nothing interesting to note besides a couple people saying a large builing has been constructed in a meadow nearby. Go up along the sandy beach and Surf up. You can check around this area for local trainers. You've probably noticed Hoppip swarming over the water around here.

If you go right, there is a couple of islands. One Lady in the area will give you 10,000 for a battle against her Hoppip and Skiploom, and another will give you 9,800 for a couple of Mareep and a Flaaffy, so it's definately worth your time. Beware of those damn sheep though, they will paralyze your Pokémon quite easily. On the small island with the two Ladies, there are a few trainers and a house with a mailbox, calling the house 'Selphy's'. Honestly... that name is horrible. It's empty, but it must be of interest sometime in the future. Return to the main island and heal your Pokémon.

Once back, head down the right end of the beach and up the stairs. Now there's a tree immediately to your right. Cut it down and grab the Max Potion. As you continue up and right, a Rocket will intercept you. Take him out. True to a typical Rocket Grunt, you just have to beat small and weak stuff aside from a Muk. Shouldn't be a challenge for you 'meddling kids'. Once he's outta the way you'll go down past another Rocket. A girl this time. A nice change of pace. She's still a pushover, though. You can see the building on-screen as you continue down. Go up the stairs and another Rocket will stop you. (What is it with these guys? I'd be looking for a new job as soon as I saw that infamous über trainer blazing away at your co-workers. Are they really that dumb?) He has Koffing and Weezing, so he's hardly a force to be wary of. Once he's out of your way and cowering in the corner screaming "Don't hurt me! I have a wife and kids!"... oh wait, wrong game. He says "That wasn't supposed to happen" like he thought he ACTUALLY stood a chance... continue up and you automatically enter the password. Uh oh... looks like you still need another password. Since this town is apparently barren of any new features, head to Six Island.

Six Island

Once there you can head to the Pokémon Center. What? You already did at Five Island? *hurts your Pokémon* There. Once you go in, your Rival will be waiting. He'll talk about how it's obviously not possible to get all the new Pokémon in these parts. Then he'll say that if he can't do it, then you can't either and then leave, saying he's basically giving up (although he does not put it that way). What a jerk...

Once he leaves, you can leave and go right all the way to the shore. Battle the Juggler and get him out of the way. He's got two Voltorb, an Electrode, and a Mr.Mime. For battle experience, we'll Surf up. (If you want to continue on with the quest, skip to the Ruin Valley section.) You'll face a Swimmer with a Chinchou and a Lanturn. Once you've ruined that trainer's day, you can keep going up, battling the next Swimmer along the way. ("Aww. Don't be hatin'"? Wtf?) You'll come to an island.

There are a few houses up here with some people around. Unlike most towns, this one has a couple trainers eager to battle. Go right ahead and rain death and destruction upon the town. Don't worry, they'll still like you afterwards. The house with the sign in front has another one of those nut jobs living in it. The girl inside spews mindless babble about Heracross at you and apparently wants one. (Don't worry, the men in white coats are only there to help you.) The next house over is some kid talking about his height. The freaky lady next door measured him or something. Anyway, there's nothing useful here yet. The upper right side of the island has stairs that let you get access to that Elixer, but that's about all. Just head left and go to the opening that leads to Pattern Bush.

Pattern Bush

A word of warning - there are many trainers and LOTS of grass here. It gets tedious... I should know. I considered plunging a dagger into my chest to end the suffering, but then I thought, "You people need me. I must not let you down!"

Head up, battling the Youngster. He's scary and wants your hat afterwards. Run while you still can. There's a Breeder in the grass a bit to the left as you go up. She has a Chansey, so use a Physical attack to take it out in one hit. There's a Bug Catcher up farther. Battle him, then start going left. Holy crap... a Lass that likes Bugs. Once she's out of the way, just keep going left, battling trainers as you go. Try and weave back to get any remaining trainers. Once done, the exit is all the way to the bottom left of the area. Go throught to continue along Green Path.

Green Path

Ahhh... fresh air again. Go down the stairs and Surf to the left. Some stranded Psychic lady wants to battle. Make her life even worse and beat her. Surf up from the desert isle and you'll make your way to Outcast Island... well, the area aound it. Battle the Swimmer on the way there. She only has Marill at level 50. Apparently she prefers to let herself get beaten instead of evolving and raising her Pokémon properly. It couldn't even take away a quarter of my level 54 Nidoking's health with Hydro Pump. Sorry, I just can't stand not needing to use strategy. Sadly, you only get 200 out of the battle.

Go up, battling to two Swimmers ahead in a double battle and then the next swimmer after that. Now go directly left and then up to the beach. Team Rocket! It looks like we managed to find them without a hitch. Lucky me, that means less typing. Finally, someone with something legitimate to complain about. I'd be angry if I came all this way only to find out there are no rare Pokémon, too.

Unfortunately for him, he's gonna have bigger problems once you're finished with him. Defeat him, then Fly back to Six Island. The cave is empty and there are no Pokémon inside besides Zubat from what I can tell. Just feel good that you crippled a Rocket Grunt. Heal your Pokémon and head back right to where that Juggler is 'hiding'.

Ruin Valley

Head down now, battling that Hiker along the way. Once the drop-down says you're in Ruin Valley, you'll see some grass and a couple of paths ahead. Go down at this point. You'll see a group of malicious-looking boulders that look like they need to be taught a lesson. Push the upper one right, the bottom left one down, and the one now in the middle right, then push the top one up to get a Sun Stone.

Now go back up the path and take the topmost path to the left, then down. When you see some more paths branch off and some stairs, stick along the cliff face and go down to see a couple of boulders guarding an HP Up. Push the bottom one left and the top one up to get it. Now go back to the stairs and go up them and the next set. Oh no... it appears that that Hiker has been taken hostage by those boulders. They are making him battle you. He only has a Sudowoodo, so he's quick to fall. Now it's personal. Push the top boulder right all the way then push the one below you. Sadly, you can't push the boulders off the cliff because they didn't want to put gore in this game.

Grab the Full restore and head back down the stairs. Go down along that right path and up the stairs to battle the Pokémaniac. Go left and up along the cliff path. You'll encounter some Ruin Maniacs along the way. The first two deal in Rock types. They seem to know Earthquake, so be careful. The third uses a couple of Machoke. Battle them and keep going. Once you get to the door, you'll have to read some Braille to figure out how to get it. Do you honestly expect me to spoil everything? It's not that hard. Part of the fun of this game is doing it yourself. If you have that sheet I told you to make, use that. If not, use Google to find 'Braille'. Numerous sites should pop up. Look around and a chart WILL be in the first five results. I'd advise you to print it off so you won't have to be on the internet the whole time. Once you decipher the Braille, do what you need to and the door will open.

Dotted Hole

This has to be one of the more interesting caves. This isn't just some maze packed with Pokémon that assault you every few steps. This cave makes you solve puzzles.

Fall down the hole just inside. Looks like you won't be getting out easily. Great... the tablets you encounter will tell you which hole to fall down next. 1... 2... 3... 4 holes to fall down. Now, if you did it right, you should fall into a room with a huge Sapphire that, not surprisingly, is also screaming "TAKE ME!" in your mind. Do what it says and.. what the heck? Some dude appears and steals it from you. This must be the moron that makes the passwords because he's dumb enough to give you the second one. What a moron. I got, "Yes, nah, CHANSEY". That guy needs to be shot.

He suddenly runs off. I think it's fairly obvious where you need to go now. Follow him up the ladder and fly back to Six Island. Take the ship to Five Island, heal your Pokémon at the Pokémon Center and break into the Warehouse you visited when you first arrived here.

Rocket Warehouse

I saved my game as I got in because I noticed that this place has floor zippers (as I like to call them). I hate those things. Whose bright idea was it to throw all these things on the ground when it would be so much more practical to just walk straight to where you need to go? The next thing you notice is the kickass music score that's perfect for the setting. I love it.

Now, if you don't want to get lost in here, don't move unless I tell you to. Take the left side path and use that zipper. Step left. Now grab the Up-Grade and battle the Rocket. She's got nice Pokémon, but they're still too weak to need a strategy. The room you're in is filled with various cages. All those poor Pokémon locked away... I'm burning with rage now...

On the right side of the room, step on the zipper to the right. Head left and up, but don't touch the zipper and grab the Pearl. Step right on to the zipper I told you not to touch now. Go back around the cages and now take the left zipper down. Go straight up and battle the Rocket. Alright, this is what makes me wonder. "Team Rocket broke up? What planet are you from?" Hmm...

Anyway, if you're right BELOW the Rocket, step left once, up once, left once. Now you must go left along the path then up for a bit and then right while avoiding all the zippers. If you succeeded, you can grab TM36 (Sludge Bomb) off the table. Now go down and step on the middle or right zipper. Now go down and battle the next Rocket. He doubts you ever met Giovanni. Prove him wrong and laugh at him. Go down and hit the zipper, bringing you into a zipper-free room. YAY! You made it. With my help, of course.

A Rocket Admin awaits you as you try to go through the upper doorway. She has a Hyper Potion, so act accordingly. After defeating her Muk, Arbok, and Vileplume, she'll suddenly wake up and smell the coffee. She decides to help you and changes the direction of one of the zippers below you to allow you back in if you leave. Take her advice and hit the Pokémon Center. When you return, the upper right zipper will let you back.

Now head up and fight the next Admin. He has a Golbat, Weezing, and Houndoom. Now that you've proven Giovanni has disbanded Team Rocket, you may go up and battle Scientist Gideon. The guy that stole your Sapphire. Make him pay dearly for stealing my idea! He has Voltorb, Porygon, Electrode, Magnemite, and Magneton. I would not doubt one of his Pokémon knows Self Destruct, so be careful. However, his Pokémon are all level 46, which is about ten levels below mine, so they were all quite easy to dispatch. Now that you have the Sapphire, go to One Island and give the prize to the loser by machine in the Pokémon Center. Well, now you can finally link up with a friend that has R/S and steal all their good Pokémon.

Now... finally, we can go after the amazing Mewtwo. Get back to Kanto, get a few Escape Ropes and Fly to Cerulean City. You will need Rock Smash, so get a Pokémon with that move. From there, go up Trainer Bridge and go left. Start going down through the grass and then Surf down. Keep following the path until you reach an area along the left that you can land on. Go into the cave you see.

Cerulean Cave

Breathe deeply... the place is PURE evil.

Go up and Surf across the gap to the stairs you see. Go up them and climb the ladder. I hate this cave, just to let you know. Even though there is a wide variety of Pokémon in this cave, I'm not battling ANYTHING in here. Follow the path and use Rock Smash to get to the Full Restore. Head back and Surf left again. Now go down and grab the Full Restore. Surf back up and go up those stairs. Take the Nugget and head left and down. Go up that ladder near the bottom. Use Rock Smash to get the PP Up and head back down the ladder. Go down the stairs and right, going up the next set of stairs as you go. Climb the ladder you see when you are forced to move up. Use Rock Smash to get the Ultra Ball. Too bad the person you play as is afraid to get his/her hands dirty. Climbing over these rocks would make things so much easier.

Go back down the ladder and continue up and left now. Go down the stairs, up the next set of stairs, and climb the next ladder. Go left and then go down when you get the chance. Now keep going right. Don't go down those other paths. Just stick to the far right path. Keep following it all around until you get to a ladder and go down it. Go down the next ladder as well. Go up and then right, then down the stairs, following the path right. Use Rock Smash to get at the Max Revive. Now move down the path and up the stairs, grabbing an Ultra Ball along the way. Keep going; eventually having to go down some stairs and then up some stairs. Now you are forced to Surf. Do so and climb the stairs you see. I STRONGLY urge you to SAVE!

Without the Master Ball, you will be going through Hell and back trying to catch this behemoth. If you thought the Legendary birds were hard at lvl 50, Mewtwo is unimaginably more powerful and is also at lvl 70. Luckily, I've been waiting for this moment for a long time, so I have my Master Ball ready. If you have it, just toss it at him and start thinking of a fitting nickname. If you don't... well, you have my sympathy... I wish you luck is this monumental endeavor. *salutes*

Once you catch him, go ahead and use an Escape Rope. You can also stay if you so desire and explore, but be careful. The Pokémon here can easily overwhelm you and send you crying to Nurse Joy. Keep an Escape Pope Rope with you at ALL times while in here. At least til you're averaging level 70 among your Pokémon.

Five Island (take two)

There is one more island that must be checked out before I call it quits, but not before I give you a little more info on Five Island. You remember the spot where there's this Selphy-person's house? Go back there. Now Surf right from the island and squeeze through the rock gap, battling the Swimmer that is on the other side. Then go down. You see that island on the right side of the screen? Get to it and go in the cave.

Lost Cave

Descend the ladder and battle the Ruin Maniac. The number of rocks is a hint. Now pretend the screen is a face of a clock. That should help. I'll give you the first one. Go right. In the second room, you can grab a Lax Incense if you go down. You'll have to start over though. You'll eventually run into a Psychic, battle her and continue. After a bunch more rooms, you'll come across a Lady. It's Selphy! She, like the other Ladies, is pretty… ^^; She'll battle you at this point with her two Persians. She has a Full Restore, so watch out. You'll get 9800 from her and be brought back to her home. Apparently saving her life hasn't made an impact on her, so she won't even recognize you anymore. However, she wishes to see a Pokémon that you can bring to her for a Luxury Ball.

Once done with Lost Cave, Surf left from Selphy's island, going down when you reach the rock barrier, then left again. This area is a kind of maze, but it will lead you to another island with a trainer and a man. If the Pokémon in your first slot is happy and you have a space available, he'll give you an egg. It's a Togepi. Now head to Seven Island so we can continue.

Seven Island

With only one house in the main area, this town is small. Heal your Pokémon at the Pokémon Center here and head down the bridge on the right side of the island. The guy on that bridge will teach one of your Pokémon Swords Dance. Continue down, battling the Aroma Lady you encounter along the way. Keep moving along the path and battle the Juggler there. Head down the stairs and battle the Rangers in the grass. Go up the stairs with the sign near them. Keep going along this path, going up stairs as you go. Fight the Cool Couple in a double battle (that Miltank is very frustrating and has a couple Full Restores, so be careful here; Mewtwo is my solution to ending extended battles) and start heading down the stairs and grab the Nugget. Then go back up to those other stairs and go down into the cave. Here's your first puzzle in this area. Here is what the puzzle looks like. Your goal is to get all the boulders into the pits shown on-screen.

Push boulder Two straight to the top. Once that is done, push boulder Six to the left. Now push Six up all the way. Push Seven right and then push it up all the way as well. Go up and push boulder Three to the left once. Push it up twice and then all the way to the left. Push boulder One to the right once, up twice, then all the way to the right. Push boulder five all the way up and then to the right pit. Repeat the process on boulder four, placing it in the opposite pit.

Well, you know something happened from the rumbling and shaking, so go outside and start checking things out. Go back up those stairs and start heading down.

Battle the Tamer and grab the Max Elixir in the grass. Run up the stairs in an attempt to Body Slam the Black Belt off the cliff, only to realize he has awesome balance due to the amazing powers of the martial arts. Give up and go left, then down, battling the Rangers along the way. One has a Chansey, so deal with it accordingly. As you go along, battle the Crush Girl. Now go down and use Rock Smash on the stone by the stairs. Push that despicable boulder all the way to the right and use Rock Smash on the stone above it. Now push the boulder down. Use another Rock Smash on the stone and push the next boulder right all the way to get at the King's Rock. Go down the stairs now. Battle the Cool Trainer and go into the house nearby.

Oh great, another nutcase… a local mental institution would have a field day in this game. Some guy in there will start doing something called the "Chansey Dance" and offer you to dance too. If you accept, your Pokémon will be completely healed. Once you finish, go ahead and steal his Lucky Punch off the table. Don't worry, he won't miss it. He's too busy spacing off, thinking about his dancing, to ever care. You could probably swipe everything from his home and he wouldn't notice. Well, except the Chansey. He needs it for inspiration.

The sad thing is that even though a moron like him can do this incredibly simple dance, you can never learn it because it's way over your head and too ridiculous to grasp. You have to keep going back. Once you leave, go ahead and beat the next Cool Trainer. She uses Persian, Dewgong, Ninetales, Rapidash, and Girafarig. You'll set her free when you beat her. Sure…

Keep going down now to get to Tanoby Ruins. The puzzle you did allows you to access them and catch Unown. Each Ruin has a select set of Unown, so be sure to explore them all.

Ruins with floating letters of doom. Sounds really exciting. Anyway, have at em. And enjoy your game.

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