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12/17/03: Custom colors, and a lot more!

Biiiiiig update. I actually went and took the advice I gave myself in the Site rater. So there's a new minipage called Deja Vu. Why? Because it's about Fire red and Leaf green, which are remakes of the original Red and Green, so it's sorta Deja Vu-ish... meh, who cares about the name. It has a lot of FR/LG stuff... anyway, then there's YET ANOTHER type of awards, and extra 1, chapter 31 and chapter 32 of The Quest for the Legends are up along with that cutie blog from Mew's hangout I just couldn't resist so I put it there to announce how the story's going. Also a new Almighty random poll, this time actually not random. Sue me, as long as you vote first, as it's important.

Also, is it just me, or am I suddenly getting hits real fast? o.O I'm positive that it's only been a few days since it was 80,000... anyway, I put up chapter three of The Type Chart. Then I just went and made custom colors you can choose on the splash page.

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