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09/23/03: [No title]

Surprise! I'm not dead after all! Anyway, BIIIIIIG update. The whole site's been turned to ASPX, and there's a load of new sections and updated ones. Well, in case you never noticed, I made a "DO NOT CLICK HERE!!!" shortly after my last update. Well, now it's almost 100% fool-proof and EVEN LONGER! Mwahahahahahaha... then I made a section with recommended sections, if you've never been here before, that's something you should check out to know what sections you should visit first. Then, there's a conspiracy theories page (it's under humour, folks, humour, think carefully about that before wanting to talk to me about it!) Latios sent in one fanfic, Mew13 sent in two (or was it three?), all of which are so insane you wouldn't believe it. There's some more anti-anti-pokémon, aaaand... the long-awaited chapter 28 of The Quest for the Legends is up. I also decided to answer the question I keep getting ("How do I recolor/splice sprites") once and for all in a sprite editing guide. I also made a "Link to me" section, not everyone bothered to check the links page for my button, and I tweaked the Links section around, too. And, there's a new Anti-anti-pokémon award. Um... what else? Just that, like you probably noticed, the splash page has been added to the menu and you can now choose your music. And now there's a marquee at the top of each page (except the front page and the pages without the menu, head and music) that shows the updated sections, just for convenience so you won't always need to go to the front page to see the updated pages, since I decided I should rather put the "new update" icons in Fanart, Fanfics and the like, so you can see WHAT the new stuff in the section is.

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224 Fun fact: The above sprite has a 1/8192 chance of being shiny. Feel free to brag if you get one.


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