The Quest for the Legends

North-West Ouen inhabitant Mark Greenlet wasn't allowed to start training Pokémon once he reached the age of ten. When he, with the help of a lost Charmander, manages to convince his parents, he ends up on a journey. But slowly, the plot thickens; Mark finds out that there is much more to his Pokémon than he thought, and meanwhile, unknown to anybody but three Legendary Pokémon, the timer to the end of the world is ticking...

The winner of the March 2004 Best in Category award for OT and the September 2004 Reader's Choice Award at The Pokémon Tower, and that was the old, bad version. People love it too much.

This blog below contains updates on the fic. If a paragraph has PU in front of it, it means "Page update". That's an update on this page, meaning I'm putting up a chapter, a revised version, editing a character bio, tweaking the chapter index, etc. etc. If a paragraph has TQFTL in front of it, it means The Quest for the Legends, it's an update on the fic's progress, that is, how the new chapters are going. Also, HMMRCIG stands for the progress on the How Much More Revised Can It Get? version, YAR stands for the Yet Another Revision and ILCOE stands for the ilcoeth (I've Lost Count Of 'Em-th) revision.


Revision history

Ouen Map (possible spoilers)

- Extra I: Chalenor
Chapter 1: The Pokémon on the Road
- Extra II: Wait a minute... levels?
Chapter 2: The Ouen Legends
Chapter 3: Vuiiii!
- Extra III: The Agreement
Chapter 4: Cleanwater City
Chapter 5: The Lake of Purity
Chapter 6: The Mammal, the Monster and the Mental Change
Chapter 7: Charmeleon's Trainer
- Extra IV: The Full Story
Chapter 8: The Master of the Clones
Chapter 9: Mew's Escape
Chapter 10: The Mew Hunter
Chapter 11: The Lizard and the Mantis

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