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02/14/04: Stupid computer and host and Dad and everything... -_-

OK... first, I'll explain. I had the update below ready the day I reached 100,000 hits. It wasn't even on the twenty-eighth, it was before that, but when I was about to update on the 28th, I changed the date. Now, I was about to get Dad to make me able to update from my computer, but it turned out that it wasn't possible to update - not from his computer either. So he sent an e-mail to the host about it. Then he went to the USA - before he ever got a reply. So I couldn't update. Then something strange happened to my computer. I used to be able to have at least three Internet Explorer windows, Microsoft Word, Adobe ImageReady and Notepad open at a time without the computer even slowing down. But suddenly, it started to freeze about 30% of the time when I touched the top menu (File, Edit, that stuff) in any program at all if I had two windows open of anything. Actually also when I only have one program open. My computer does have very little memory, due to it being some strange type normal memory cards don't fit into, but like I said, I still used to be able to have six programs open at once without any problems except that if I used the Paint Bucket tool on a really large area in ImageReady I'd get an error saying "Could not complete this operation because there was not enough memory available". But it still does have this problem, and there's nothing I can do about it but shout "HELVÍTIS TÖLVUFJANDI!!!!", unplug the stupid thing, wait for twenty seconds and then replug it and make that picture I spent so many ages on again because I didn't save it. And what was EVEN worse, my computer doesn't reconnect to the Butterfree drive, which holds all the files for the website, until about an hour after turning it on. As you can hear, I've been having problems...

Anyway, there's something special I want to say: Remember PokéPC, a great website which was my affiliate, but was deleted due to Hikaru, the webmistress, losing interest in her site. And it had such a great future, too.

Anyway, to the UPDATES:

  • Chapter six of The Type Chart.
  • Chapter 33 and 33,5 of The Quest for the Legends.
  • New affiliates all over the affiliate list.
  • Mew's hangout topsites rejoined.
  • Visit Pokémon Online's website. I'm making sprites for it. The button is now on the right menu.
  • As usual, there are a lot of sections I've forgotten I updated.
  • Update in Deja Vu.
  • New style (Mewtwo Strikes Back style).
  • A new section, Pokémon Forever...

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197 Fun fact: The above sprite has a 1/8192 chance of being shiny. Feel free to brag if you get one.


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