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01/11/04: The impossible has happened...

Gahhh, it's been ages... >_< Anyway, I actually made a new layout, as you should have noticed already. Not because of the whiners who kept begging for one, but because I was making an HTML guide and when I made an example layout, I just realized that it looked better than my real layout, so I put that up. Lots of new topsites and affiliates... lots of sections I forgot I updated... it was lucky that I tested my site in Mozilla Firebird before I put the updated one up, because I made a small typo in the CSS that didn't disturb Internet Explorer, but in Firebird all the links in everything except the dark blue style (oh, yes, that's another update, I made a new style) turned blue and purple until I ran my mouse over them. It took a lot of figuring to find out that I accidentally put an extra comma in there... chapter five of The Type Chart is up... I tweaked the secret link game around a bit (the secret link itself is still in the same place, though)... there's a section called What's the difference? meant for confused new webmasters... I added to the Why Pokémon isn't animal cruelty section...

Oh, yes! I realized that I forgot to put up the 88 * 16 Link button when I made it. Stupid me. Anyway, I put it up now. A lot of things have been tweaked in a lot of sections, too...

Oh! Big update in Deja Vu! Forgot that...

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