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Zora of Termina

That's alright. You need no funds. *hands a box* Open this. :DDD

@Nitro: Yeah, it'll be lonely. :<

[20/06/2008 03:35:31]

Light Mightyena
Commenting on: 06-19-08

*has not read the other comments here*


The Mightyena is not happy.

Please forgive my childish outburst; I think I've calmed down now. That was seriously my first reaction, though, after things sank in. After that, I was pacing around, eyes wide and saying in a sort of partial whisper, "All gone. Every last shred of data gone. I'll have to re-register. My roleplay gone, my battling team gone right after my glameow's sig move was approved. All of it, gone."

But, so is life, I guess. There are worse things that could have happened, which I will not mention for fear of giving the cyberspace deities bad ideas. Anyway, I'll be looking forward to the new forums, but if it takes a while it takes a while.

I do have a life besides forum roleplaying, afterall.

Sort of.


[20/06/2008 03:34:49]


Aww… you had a lot of money with you. Dang, there goes my new "Get Eevee a Real Ocarina" fund… I mean, uh, yay! Zora isn't dead! Now let's hear it from our buddy Link!


Isn't he great, folks? Let's give him a big hand! Poetry, pure poetry!

[20/06/2008 03:32:50]


I know what you guys mean… I had the forums on my Opera speed dial thing, and I'd click it out of habit every so often. Then I'd see that the forums were dead and go do something else, just to try again a couple of hours later :(

Well, at least it's not gone permanantly. Although it's going to seem really lonely in there for awhile until everybody re-registers and we get the post count up to something reasonable. If only the database was recoverable :(

[20/06/2008 03:32:49]

Zora of Termina

Eevee, I'm not dead. I'm immune to bullet wounds. :D *hugs again for the hell of it*

Now gimme back my wallet.

@Mr. Smeargle: Me too D:

[20/06/2008 03:23:24]

Commenting on: 06-19-08

I know, I find myself clicking my Cave of Dragonflies bookmark out of habit.

[20/06/2008 03:22:28]

Arylett Dawnsborough

Yes Mister, that's right, I did just join it. Are you going to revive it? (Man, just as I was really getting into the RP scene, it all goes down.)

Bright side for me? Well, at least I'm less likely to procrastinate on my summer homework! I mean, I have all this time now that to do my large load of homework until the forums come back. (Then again, I'm procrastinating right now. I'm supposed to be writing one of my many book reports, gah. Be happy, you guys. You don't have to write five book reports, an essay on US Presidents, and make 200 flashcards.)

[20/06/2008 03:19:13]


Me to! It's like, my routine is come home, homework/clean out pet rat's cage/ect then RP and other stuff on the forum. And then that was gone. I took that time to attempt to teach my pet rat to jump through a hoop. It didn't really work.. YAY, hug time!! Fwee! Oh dear, Zora died. Again.

*Steals money from her pocket*

Dang zombies! That was…. random.

[20/06/2008 03:18:53]

Grinning Calamity/Emberfan
Commenting on: 06-19-08

I'm gonna wait around for the forums to come back. Man, lol, I feel like a chunk of daily routine just flew away.

[20/06/2008 03:13:42]

Zora of Termina

Well, Sheila was just reunited with her brother so that sucks too.

Hay wait a minute Eevee hugged me ^^ *hugs back* Dun worry, be happy! *starts singing that song* *shot in the head* … :DD

[20/06/2008 03:08:15]

Commenting on: 06-19-08

Yeah, Arylett, you'd just joined my RP hadn't you? And the forum went just as Vendetta was reunited with his son too!

[20/06/2008 03:01:23]


Well, if it makes you feel any better, this is my first day of summer vacation from school and I'm sick. I feel like crap, and I know I'm not going to be able to sleep. Blegh… but the forum just might turn out better than it was before! =D

I still FEEL crappy. Ugh… my heal feels like it's filled with foam.

[20/06/2008 02:58:36]

Fluffy Clouds

Man, I can't believe the forum was wiped, and that's one the places I loved to death. Now I'm going to have to do something else while it's down.

Damn, I almost had 1,000 posts.

[20/06/2008 02:55:30]

Fox McCloud

What about games and adoptables?

Lol, that's gonna be fun to get back…

[20/06/2008 02:52:03]

Zora of Termina
Commenting on: 06-19-08

Sucks more than you know. And this on top of my computer… It'll get better, I hope. This'll give us a chance to rebuild. She probably will restart it; it was such a strong, popular RP that it'd be stupid not to. And all the others can be remade too! We can restore everything! Renew it, make it better!

[20/06/2008 02:49:22]

Flora and Ashes

*also hugs*

Wow…it's all lost? Well at least we can all start over! …Okay, that totally failed at being positive…I need a happy-perky-Character Change!

Ash: Wrong universe.


Ash: Dratini? *lame attempt at being funny*

Nice try, Ash. You get a prize. *hands him spammifier Dratini*

[20/06/2008 02:41:37]

Arylett Dawnsborough
Commenting on: 06-19-08

And I'll be hanging out here as well 'till the forums come back. I feel so bad for all you people in a lot of RPs and in ASB, it must really suck.

I hope that Kindling Queen will restart the RSP too, Zora. And that she'll be accepting new people, because I really wanted to join and was going to, but then the forums got wiped out before I could.

[20/06/2008 02:40:51]


Yes it will! I think we all need a hug. =D

*Gives everyone a big hug*

[20/06/2008 02:33:08]

Zora of Termina
Commenting on: 06-19-08

I knoooow… I was really getting to like playing as Sheila too… She was an awesome Ninetales. But hey, maybe Kindling Queen will start it over! We can start this stuff over! It'll be OK! :DDD

Get used to it. I'm hanging here till the forums are back up. >>

[20/06/2008 02:30:01]

Commenting on: 06-19-08

And I guess we'll have to restart all the Mafia games, too. Which isn't all that bad, really, because I really hate always getting second bannana.

[20/06/2008 02:28:59]

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