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And now I'm totally bored. I really hope that the forums will be restored quickly. I mean, I want to help restore all of those popular threads RIGHT NAO. I'm also excited at the prospect of being one of the very first members of the new forum.

[20/06/2008 21:57:08]


'The Cave of Dragonflies' Babelfished through Dutch, French, German, Greek, Italian, Portugese, Russian and Spanish is 'Paul the levels of the alcoholic one'. :D

[20/06/2008 21:55:28]

Shiny Eevee

Here it is.

Don't worry, Cinderpelt, I shall make it as difficult as possible for you to overthrow Shiny Eevee's PokeMorphs. ;D

[20/06/2008 21:42:09]

Zora of Termina

Yeah, they did. That could've been the precursor to this. And now I have a shot at most popular art thread :D

[20/06/2008 21:34:58]



I click on the Forums link after finally getting out of school for the summer, *Has TCoD as homepage* and it's gone. IT'S ALL GONE.

*Switch to optimistic self*

Well, at least all of my stupid early posts are gone. And I now have an equal chance of having the most popular sprite shop as Shiny Eevee. And, upon remaking my sprite shop, I can get rid of all of my not-so-good sprites.

…Is it just me, or did the forums slow down considerably a while before this? Seemed like it, anyway.

[20/06/2008 21:30:19]


Say, Shiny Eevee, could you go and find the Zangoose/Electabuzz sprite that you made that I used as my avatar?

[20/06/2008 21:24:51]

Zora of Termina

I wish Akaito would show up so I could find out if he's got my other avatar saved. :/

[20/06/2008 21:22:25]

Erindor the Espeon

I saved my best sprites. And Castform's avvie, in case he couldn't. Just notify me, Castform, and I'll give it to you when the forums are back up.

[20/06/2008 21:19:34]


My normal team for the battle tower in Pearl is:


Dragon Pulse

Aura Sphere

Flash Cannon

Rock Climb


Brave Bird


Aerial Ace

Close Combat


Fire Blast


Thunder Punch


And I'm going to add Tyranitar. Please give me comments and things you liked, and I need help deciding which pokemon to cut from my team to add Tyranitar.

[20/06/2008 21:19:19]

Zora of Termina

I'll do image searches for people's stuff if need be.

[20/06/2008 21:13:27]

Shiny Eevee

I am accepting avatar-recovery missions. And, unfortunately, I could only find a few that I don't think anyone needed…

In a lot of those searches, I found tons of my sprites. O_o

[20/06/2008 21:07:38]

Zora of Termina

That's OK. I just found out I've got them saved. I was just checking.

[20/06/2008 21:07:22]

Arylett Dawnsborough

I can't find any other avatars of yours, Zora, I'm sorry.

[20/06/2008 21:03:57]

Arylett Dawnsborough

Why yes, Walker, I did. :D

;;Uploads to Imageshack account;;

Here you go:

[20/06/2008 20:57:02]

Zora of Termina

Ah, thank you Aryllet. But see, that's one of my alternates. Look on the filenames section of any Imageshack URLS you find and see if you've got one with something that says "rxzavatar", because that's the one I normally use. Having the URL for the uploaded image would be nice.

[20/06/2008 20:54:20]


Hey Arylett, did you happen to find my Frannyvee in there? :D;

Also Kratos thankyouthankyouthankyou. <3<3<3

[20/06/2008 20:48:49]

Commenting on: 06-19-08

It has been stated multiple times that EVERYTHING was wiped from the database. User names and accounts are stored in the database. Therefore your account does not exist any longer and you will have to remake it.

ASBers, I'm currently working on a way for you to be able to recover *most* of your account, Pokémon, etc. Your most recent stuff may not be able to be restored, but I'm trying. You probably won't lose absolutely everything, so don't worry.

[20/06/2008 20:38:05]

Flora and Ashes

Okies, so we're safe.

I needs a new avvie-atar.

*turns to Ash* so i herd u liek mudkipz?

Ash: *scared*

…What? The Spammifier made it!

[20/06/2008 20:28:18]


I'm really bored, so I was listening to a lot of Zelda Songs on Youtube (Gerudo Valley theme from OoT <3) and when I started listening to Ilia's theme and I started sneezing uncontrollably until it ended, then I stopped suddenly. It was almost 20 in a row. Ow my nose… that was really weird.

[20/06/2008 20:28:06]

Arylett Dawnsborough

Say Zora, I think I found your avatar. I was just looking through some random folders on my computer and found this one folder called Temporary Internet Files and boy, did it have a LOT of pictures in it. So I loaded it onto my Imageshack account to show you and ask you if it was yours. Is this it:

[20/06/2008 20:21:32]

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