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Commenting on: 06-22-08

There isn't anything to be terribly guilty about.. A lot of people did it. Mostly for the same reasons, too.

Still, it would've been nice to keep meeting people I haven't talked to before…

I was just going with the flow. People were registering and posting, so I did as well. It really shows how much trust we put in groups of other people.

[23/06/2008 17:36:55]


Evoli? O.O The first thing that comes to mind for me is Ecoli. It's kind of, er, um, iffy.

[23/06/2008 17:35:27]


Yeah, Evoli does sound like a cool name. I should probably get around to looking up French Warriors books and stuff to figure out what a translated Leafpool would be… :P

[23/06/2008 17:34:28]


Er, um, ugh. I keep writing Blaziken / Victreebel & Scizor Luver forgetting my new name.

[23/06/2008 17:33:09]


17…minutes…to…read…posts. O_O

[23/06/2008 17:32:28]


I'll be here too. We can chat, and stuff. Evoli actually sounds way cooler than Eevee.

[23/06/2008 17:32:27]

Commenting on: 06-22-08

I'll be hanging out in the guestbook for a while if anyone wants to chat. Or you can email me.

*still feels stupidly guilty D:*

[23/06/2008 17:28:20]

Wierd cloud thingy
Commenting on: 06-22-08

Is the guestbook working for me now? It wasn't earlier…

Anyway, next week doesn't sound bad. Except, ah, that means no tCoD birthday for Castform. My birthday is on Friday. Oh well, you can;t have everything.

Do not worry, everyone who prematurely registered and posted - the welcoming song will come to each and every one of you when the forums are properly up. I may also add an extra verse, probably commemorating the old forums in all your introduction threads.

*Pats Igglybuff spam-guard*

[23/06/2008 17:23:32]


Shiny Eevee, I went and emailed you :P

[23/06/2008 17:23:19]


Yeah, so I felt evil and registered even though Butterfree told me not to. I'm not posting, though :P And this is the first time since the cod fry that I can't get around to reading all guestbook signs I missed. Sorry.

The forums look quite interesting in their poor, naked vBulletin design.

On another note, SSBB will reach Yurop this Friday. An eternity till then.

[23/06/2008 17:21:36]


See?? This is why I need to change my username! That's it. When the forum's officially open I'm changing my name to .. uh.. Evoli. *hides in corner*

[23/06/2008 17:20:42]

Shiny Eevee

Me too. I'm really upset and embarrassed now, I just want to get away from the site…

[23/06/2008 17:17:51]


Somebody email me so we can chat. :P

[23/06/2008 17:13:33]

Shiny Eevee

Oops. Guess I'll go hide in the guestbook, then…

Wait, you weren't the mod, Eevee? Oh. Well, I feel stupid now. Lucky I didn't end up calling you a he. Sorry…

[23/06/2008 17:12:32]

Commenting on: 06-22-08

yeah *backs into tiny little corner and curls up into the fetal position in a desperate attempt to hide*

[23/06/2008 17:05:31]


Thank you. I still feel stupid. Mostly for having no idea what they were talking about. *turns red*

[23/06/2008 17:04:52]

Commenting on: 06-22-08

We all feel like idiots right now. :P

[23/06/2008 17:04:21]


I figured you weren't trying to impersonate the mod Eevee, considering you acted differently and everything.

[23/06/2008 17:02:16]

Commenting on: 06-22-08

rock-ground: I have no control over whether or not you come back; I was just in charge of a few threads and making sure no one did anything stupid. Bring it up with Negrek when she comes back. And ASB won't be back for a while anyway; Negrek told me she wants to make some improvements and has to figure out how to handle some things. I'm waiting to hear back from her before I know how recovering teams will work, though.

Also Negrek left for China after the earthquake anyway o.O

And sorry, Butterfree D: Got a little over-enthusiastic there.

[23/06/2008 17:01:05]

Commenting on: 06-22-08

I feel like such a freaking idiot now D:

[23/06/2008 16:59:02]

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