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11/02/18: Another year, another birthday

Guess you've turned sixteen,
so you're no longer green.
Happy birthday, dear website!
On towards seventeen.

Another year, another birthday for The Cave of Dragonflies. And this one's a little special, because with this birthday, TCoD becomes the longest-running project of my life: my fanfic, The Quest for the Legends, was always a few months older, but I completed it on its sixteenth birthday earlier this year, so now TCoD is overtaking it - and there's no end in sight! I will be doing this until I'm old and gray.

For the occasion, I made another new style, Butterfree style. It's actually a revival of a style I started making a decade ago (oh my god, I'm old), but never finished. I've always been pretty fond of three-column layouts; it's become a rarity these days to see sites with hundreds of pages like this one, but while I think the dropdown menus I made for Modern style and then Voice of the Forest style came out nice, I've never really thought they were the best way to make this number of pages accessible. Back in April when I made Old-School style as a joke, I realized I kind of wanted to make an actual, non-jokey three-column layout that'd be properly compatible with mobile devices, so I took the opportunity now. The style is pretty minimalistic, but it'll gracefully convert the menus into drop-downs on smaller screens, and it's even got somewhat better mobile support than Voice of the Forest and Modern, since the ultra-compact mobile menu will actually expand submenus (if there aren't any huge bugs with it, though, I'll likely backport that to the others).

Since I like it and it's better on mobile in a couple of ways than Voice of the Forest (the abovementioned nicer menus, plus it uses fewer/smaller images), it's now the default, but I imagine many of you probably still prefer Voice of the Forest, which is fine - you can switch your style back to it here if you haven't set a style cookie.

Lastly, in case any of you missed it, I've put up a generic version of the Favorite Pokémon Picker on GitHub that anyone should be able to use to make their own pickers. Thanks to how long I spent on that, I actually had to put this style together in an evening, so please let me know if anything's weird; I may tweak it later.

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