The Cave of Dragonflies Zodiac

The funny date at the top of every page of this site is part of one of The Cave of Dragonflies' most unique features, the Cave of Dragonflies Zodiac.

What Is It?

What it is is basically a Pokémon-themed calendar. In previous generations, the Zodiac has one way or another assigned a Pokémon to every day of the year; the new Alolan Zodiac, however, puts a twist on things as is the Alola region's specialty and focuses instead on the many trainers of the Alola region!

The Zodiac is not just a calendar, however; it also has its own backstory.

Once upon a time, the greatest trainers of Alola - or those of them with the right kind of versus sprite, at any rate - came together for a council on the governance of the region. Alola had become lawless and dangerous, and they felt they had to step in to bring peace and order to the islands.

Despite public protests against this 'hostile regional takeover', they decided that they would split the year into four seasons, one for each of the four islands of Alola; that they would each rule over one month of the year, known as their 'reign'; and that within each reign, one day would be dedicated to each of the many classes of trainers populating Alola. The first day of each reign would be the Day of the Youngster; the next would be the Day of the Lass; and so on. On the day of each trainer class, the trainers of that class would be honoured and given free vitamins for their Pokémon. This quickly soothed the angry voices, and the new system was soon implemented.

As is humans' custom, traditions quickly sprung up around some of the days of the reigns:

  • On the Day of the Youngster, everyone in Alola wears shorts. The Day of the Youngster is in the top percentage of days.
  • On the Day of the Lass, everyone wears miniskirts and plots to take over the world. (In fact, it is thought that the greatest trainers thought of this plan while wearing miniskirts, and that this aided them significantly.)
  • On the Day of the Team Skull Grunt (Leap Year Day), no one is allowed to speak unless it is accompanied by wild hand gestures.
  • On the Day of the Swimmer, men flex themselves out of the room.
  • On the Day of the Hiker, people aggressively photobomb tourists.
  • On the Day of the Ace Trainer, top trainers coach teenagers in the art of asexuality.
  • On the Day of the Police Officer, people ponder why Nanu does not have a reign.
  • On the Day of the Collector, Alolans celebrate vague prophecies and contrived coincidences.
  • On the Day of the Janitor, people solve simple mathematical problems known to have baffled the world's top percentage of professors.

However, one day Lusamine of the Aether Foundation approached the greatest trainers to demand a place in the Zodiac for Aether Paradise - it was a fifth island, she argued, so it deserved a season devoted to itself. After a long and contentious meeting, they approached Solgaleo and convinced it use its cosmic powers to alter the orbit of the Earth so as to add one day to the year, to be devoted to the employees of the Aether Foundation. (A bribe may have been involved.)

Also, Kahili went golfing on Poni Island, and that's why she's in the Season of Poni Island. I don't know why, she just did. Hapu does not have the right kind of versus sprite, okay.

So What's My Zodiac Trainer?

If you want to look up a particular date (such as your birthday) in the Alolan Zodiac, you can do so using the form below. This will show both a text string with the trainer class, reign and season of the day, similar to that displayed on the pages of this site, and an image representing that date that you can use however you like. If you have Javascript enabled, click on an image to have the HTML and BBCode for displaying that image shown below the image.

Alternatively, if you just want to see the whole thing listed in plain text, go here. Previous Zodiacs: Gen VI, Gen V, Gen IV, Gen III

Oct 22: The Day of the Office Worker in the Reign of Guzma, Season of Ula'ula Island

The Day of the Office Worker in the Reign of Guzma, Season of Ula'ula Island

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