12/14/14: Sixth-Generation Capturing

The sixth-generation capture mechanics section is up, and so is its accompanying catch rate calculator. There is a tentative bit on it (we're not sure when the equivalent of the fifth-generation dark grass modifier actually applies); I'll be looking into that tomorrow with some in-game tests, but right now I've been up all night and really need to get to sleep already. I also didn't bother looking closely into exactly how all the fixed-point rounding works out; it looked basically the same as in the fifth generation, and the calculator assumes that, but I'll squint at it better tomorrow (unless somebody else does it for me first; magical's analysis is here).

The HP bar is not colored correctly at the moment (the green is right, although it's missing the darkest shade, but the yellow and red are just the fifth-generation colors). I made the audacious assumption that nobody cared enough to want to keep me up any longer than I already have been.

Oh, and the new ORAS mega/primal forms are missing for now. Need to get my hands on actual proper data on them, and again, I need to go to sleep.

UPDATE EDIT (12/15/14): Added updated legendary catch rates for OR/AS, as well as the new megas/primals.

UPDATE EDIT 2 (12/15/14): Made sixth-generation Pokémon actually work in the calculator (whoops), plus updating with new information on the "mystery terrain".

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Nope. Deoxys isn't a mandatory catch (it'll respawn at Sky Pillar if you faint it) so it's okay with a catch rate of 3.

[18/12/2014 23:32:48]

Commenting on: 12-14-14

So Deoxys' catch rate actually wasn't changed between XY and ORAS. That's actually kind of interesting.

[18/12/2014 20:49:41]

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