12/02/21: Dusk Balls

I've been grabbing what chances I've managed to test a claim made by speedrunner Werster, namely that Dusk Balls don't get a bonus in lit indoor areas at night. As best I can tell, from in-game tests as well as looking at the code where I had it on hand, this is true in Gen V (for which Werster made the claim), but not in either Gen IV or later gens. I've updated the Gen V Capture Mechanics and the text of the Dusk Ball activation option in the Gen V Catch Rate Calculator accordingly.

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Neat, thanks for letting me know!

[05/12/2021 08:57:07]

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It's kinda funny that the top post is on catch mechanics when this website just got a shout out from Youtuber Josh Strife Hayes on his recent Pokemon Red and Blue video, specifically for the information about catch rates in Generation 1.

[05/12/2021 01:20:52]

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