11/29/13: More type chart tweaks

It seems I just can't stop tinkering with the Interactive Type Chart. I'm sure you're all tired of hearing about it by now and just want me to make some personality tests, but I added a bit of hovering functionality - if you hover over the name of a type either on the left side or the top, the corresponding row/column will be highlighted, and if you hover over an individual cell it will be highlighted along with the type names heading both its row and column. This should make it easier to make sure at a glance that you're looking at the correct cell. This looked smoother with the table borders collapsed, which really makes the chart look cleaner overall, so I did that as well. Finally, I also added four more dropdowns for attack types in moveset coverage mode, in case you want to examine coverage for multiple Pokémon with more than four types of attacks total.

UPDATE EDIT: Because I am a nerd, I also edited it to consistently pluralize correctly (so it will say "1 type", but "2 types").

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Commenting on: 11-29-13

I'd love to make you happy, but unfortunately these are things I could not even somewhat plausibly do in the space of one evening when I have work the next day. Please have patience for a bit!

[15/12/2013 23:50:14]

Commenting on: 11-29-13

Sooo, today is my birthday. I've been an avid fan of your site since I was like 10, (as of today that makes 9 years). The thing that would really make this day awesome for me is if you made a Gen 6 personality test and/or updated the Zodiac :) I know your probably busy a lot of the time with other things, but when you find the time you could make one of your fans really happy :D Good day to you!

[15/12/2013 20:33:41]

Commenting on: 11-29-13

I just wanted to say that as a competitive player, the 2 pokemon moveset coverage feature is actually something I've been wanting to exist!

[04/12/2013 17:57:59]

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