11/02/21: Nineteen

Happy birthday to you,
a tough year, but we're through.
You're nineteen, dear website!
Just look how you grew.

The Cave of Dragonflies is nineteen years old today, and to celebrate that milestone, it now has a proper dark mode in the redone Roar of Time style. The old one still works, but the new one is mobile-friendly and uses dropdowns. I tried to strike a bit of a balance between retaining the general aesthetic of the style and updating it to look a bit nicer; I'm not entirely sure I've struck the correct one, but hopefully it's at least usable as a dark mode style. I may fiddle with it more at some later point; right now I just need it out.

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[02/12/2021 15:41:40]

Brady :)
Commenting on: 11-02-21

I just turned 19 in August! It's remarkable that you've kept the website running for so long. What a strange idea, that a website has existed about the same amount of time that I have! Congratulations and thank you for keeping it up so long!!

[22/11/2021 13:38:24]

Commenting on: 11-02-21

I think it captures that balance between nostalgia and modernism pretty well!

[07/11/2021 12:56:57]

Commenting on: 11-02-21

Truly amazing just how long this site has been around huh. I like checking back every year or so and seeing that yeah, it sure is still around, and yeah, everything that I remember being there is there and then some. Love it.

[03/11/2021 13:56:16]

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