10/31/13: More X/Y stuff

I've updated the list generator, fun facts and Gotta Spell 'Em All in accordance with the sixth generation. Yes, I know they're missing the leaked event legendaries; I don't plan to put those on there until they're officially revealed or have become so widely hacked that there's no point trying to keep them secret anymore. In the process, I basically recoded the list generator, and while it's mostly the same, it's now somewhat more flexible, allowing you to (for instance) create an alphabetically-ordered list that shows every Pokémon's number in some regional Pokédex (or, for that matter, every regional Pokédex).

The Interactive Type Chart has also had the sixth generation's existing type combinations added to it, as well as making the sixth-generation chart the default, and the new default "Symmetrical" option for ignoring nonexistent combinations, which will only ignore a combination if neither it nor its inverse exists.

There will be more X/Y updates soon, obviously.

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