10/17/20: Pokémon Fan Test update

As usual I go impulsively do something entirely different from what I'm trying to work on on a sudden whim. This time, it's an overhaul of the Pokémon Fan Test, which has been grossly out of date for a long time and I've been meaning to update it for years. Thanks to 15 pointing out a bug that spurred me to actually go ahead and do it, and the lovely Cupcakedex for a bunch of help coming up with new questions/categories!

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Commenting on: 10-17-20

Super belated, but I'm so stoked about this update, and so pleased I was able to contribute!

[26/10/2020 05:15:05]

Commenting on: 10-17-20

lol man I remember taking this waayyy back when before it was updated and back then I was pretty obsessed, nowadays I score so much lower though

[22/10/2020 06:25:30]

Commenting on: 10-17-20

Nice! I'm new here, and I also noticed that the Number game is outdated, lacking the meltan line and the gen 8 pokémon

[19/10/2020 06:35:53]

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