10/12/13: Pokémon Origins review

Hope you're all enjoying your X and Y (I don't have them yet, but am going to England in a few hours and hope to buy a 3DS and probably both games there). Sadly there is no personality test yet, but instead I went with one of the other popular options from the poll and reviewed Pokémon Origins, the first-generation-themed special that aired in Japan recently. (Okay, so it's not quite a movie, but shush.) Spoilers and unpopular opinions ahoy!

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I enjoy reading your Pokemon Origin review. You did a good job explaining out the flaws even nostalgic fans will agree on. Reading your reviews is one of my favorite things in your website and I am looking forward for future Pokemon reviews. We need more people analyzing and reviewing Pokemon instead of Critics reviewing pokemon with no knowledge it and pass of as a review.

[14/10/2013 17:54:44]

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