09/28/22: Curse

I've made some revisions to my 2009 one-shot horror fanfic, Curse. If you read the old version, it's still the same story, but I've made some adjustments to hopefully improve how it comes across. Let me know how you feel about it.

I also updated the server the other day and had to reinstall various things, incidentally - please let me know if anything's off or not working.

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Commenting on: 09-28-22

I too would like to voice my appreciation for ah that particular script

[16/10/2022 13:01:23]

Commenting on: 09-28-22

Wow. I hadn't read that fic since it was first posted and forgot how it ended. The ending was so… chilling.

The fic was really great, though! I liked it a lot.

[10/10/2022 17:14:34]

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