09/15/13: In which I join the X/Y hype

Well, the poll results are pretty clear. Now to think harder about what kind of personality test I want to make. (I've narrowed it down to a few possibilities, but they each have their pros and cons.)

I suspect somebody very enthusiastic about getting the quiz scripts updated desperately circumvented my very casual measures against people voting multiple times to boost that option, since I several times saw that option suddenly get a huge chunk of votes conveniently bringing it just ahead of the previously second-most-popular option, but I want to do that anyway, so I'll pretend this is totally legit.

In the meantime, the sixth-generation type chart has been officially revealed, and I couldn't resist making it available as a base chart in the Interactive Type Chart. Since we don't know all the new Pokémon or their type combinations yet, you still can't pick the sixth generation in the "ignore nonexistent type combintions" box, but this does mean you can play around with the next-gen modifications and their effects upon the type balance in general. I also made several UI improvements to the chart while I was at it - it doesn't resize ridiculously when you enable editing existing types anymore, switching base charts or disabling editing of custom types no longer resets your moveset coverage mode attack type selections, and you no longer need to be in simple mode to switch base charts or enable/disable editing of custom types. (You do still need to be in simple mode to add a type, however, because I can't imagine a situation where you'd want to add a type without then wanting to set its damage multipliers.) Some of what I did to facilitate this was a bit hackish, so I may go make further improvements to it soon.

Also, I made a new sixth-generation-themed Almighty Random Poll, because I felt like it and also the previous one was rapidly getting out of date.

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Commenting on: 09-15-13

Ooh, my favorite option won. :P I can't wait to see what you come up with, all of your quizzes are awesome.

[16/09/2013 17:45:36]

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