09/03/13: In which I fail epically

As I was playing around with my laptop's local copy of the site to make sure everything worked (guys I have a local copy again where I can break things without breaking them for everyone temporarily!), I decided to test the polls by voting "You suck" in the latest site poll. When my vote didn't appear, I thought it was some issue with the local setup, until I realized the Almighty Random Poll worked fine. So then I looked at the site poll better and discovered that actually the bottom three options were actually each voting for the option above them, because I'd managed to modify everything except the actual values those options submitted when I hastily added the Pokémon Conquest review option that I'd initially forgot to include. Which was shortly after I initially made the poll. A year ago.

The fact there were still zero votes for "You suck" seriously should have tipped me off at some point, but I somehow managed to not have it even occur to me that this might be a technical issue as opposed to a strange psychological one (I actually wondered several times what on earth it was about this poll that everyone was so opinionated about that nobody wasted their vote on "You suck"). That'll teach me to thoroughly test things if I ever mess with the poll form manually again instead of sticking with the generated one.

Since the poll was pretty outdated anyway, what with how I'd already made several of the options, I just made a new one to replace it and will then slink away in embarrassment, but let's go quickly through the options one more time first, shall we?

Later-game Safari Zone mechanics
What I already did for R/B/Y, expanded to the later generations with Safari Zones (and possibly the Bug-Catching Contests in G/S/C/HG/SS).
Weather/field effects section
Same as the previous poll - this would mostly be there for completeness with my other game mechanics sections. Not too exciting.
More movie reviews
I really want to catch up on the Pokémon movies, and writing horribly lengthy reviews in the process would only sweeten the deal.
Redo the HTML guide
Right now it's frightfully out of date and probably very confusing in various places. I started writing a new version of it a while ago, but it still has a long way to go. (Oh, by the way, a few days ago I improved how code samples are displayed throughout the site - they have a background color distinguishing them from the surrounding text in all the styles now, and they don't scroll horizontally anymore.)
Redo the writing guide
Mostly on the poll out of curiosity - the thing will be so hellishly long if I ever finish it that it probably won't be anywhere in the near future - but people still keep bringing it up to me now and again, and if people really are massively enthusiastic about it, that might encourage me to get on with it.
Redo the quiz scripts
Another option inherited from the broken poll, although as it turns out most of the votes for it were actually supposed to be for "Something else". Who is actually interested in me revamping the free quiz scripts? I may again do this anyway even if there is little interest because aaaaah my years-old horrible spaghetti code out in public, but it would be nice to know.
New personality test
I've been wanting to do this for a couple of months, as I've said before. I'm still not quite sure exactly what the test would be about, but I think it would be fun to make, and I know that currently the What Pokémon Are You? is basically by far the most popular feature on this site, so I'm guessing others would enjoy it as well.
You suck
This option works this time! I tested it! Because let's be honest, anyone who manages to make a mistake like that and not notice it for a year kind of sucks.

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User of Shadows
Commenting on: 09-03-13

I voted for a new quiz. Hoping it'll be "What Kalos Pokemon Are You?", and if it is, I strongly suggest using Nyaonikusu as a result. But honestly, everything in Kalos is awesome, and I don't even care if it's not a Kalos Pokemon quiz, because all of your quizzes are awesome. ^_^

[11/09/2013 21:06:50]

Jonathan Hiller
Commenting on: 09-03-13

Glad you fixed the poll! Got my vote in for the movie reviews this time :P. Love reading those, I devour opinions lol.

[10/09/2013 16:31:04]

Website: The Cave of Dragonflies
Commenting on: 09-03-13

Happy: The trouble with a region quiz is that it wouldn't be very interesting to make. :P With only exactly six possible results, the most sensible way to do it would be with a simple vote test, where each option for each question corresponds to one of the regions, and that's the most boring kind of personality test. I love making personality tests mostly because I like thinking of interesting ways to measure personality traits and then map those onto results, so I'd most like to make another fairly expansive one.

Just to make sure, you guys do all realize that "quiz scripts" is not the same option as "new personality test", right? The quiz scripts are the free personality test scripts for webmasters.

Paul: Huh? What do you mean?

[05/09/2013 23:46:41]

Commenting on: 09-03-13

If I'm not mistaken, this is the reason why I can't take that "What Pokemon Are You" quiz again. Well good luck! Don't worry about me.

[05/09/2013 20:36:04]

Commenting on: 09-03-13

First decent idea for a new quiz that came to my head (though I didn't vote for the option itself): what region you're from? May be a bit of a stretch but you've got things like Johto's traditionalism, Hoenn's chilled-out one-with-nature dealio and so on that could be crafted into personality types. Otherwise there's not a lot I can think of that isn't overly gimmicky. WHAT POKEBALL ARE YOU? TEST YOUR EFFECTIVENESS AT MORPHING LITTLE CREATURES INTO RED STREAMS OF LIGHT.

Apart from that, since this doesn't appear to be multichoice, I voted quiz script but more movie reviews is cool. I always enjoyed reading them, and if you're anything like me, the keldeo movie will be ripe for tearing to shreds. ;D

(Also would like to belatedly thank the people who said nice stuff about my gijinkas earlier, since I only saw the responses once people had moved onto the status of the forums. :b)

[05/09/2013 05:33:13]

Commenting on: 09-03-13

I vote for a new personality test.

[04/09/2013 21:45:08]

Website: The Cave of Dragonflies
Commenting on: 09-03-13

Negrek: Given Internet Explorer 6 is rapidly becoming a non-issue, the guide's insistence on completely ignoring anything that doesn't work in it is pretty damn out of date by now. It could also use more HTML5. I'd still stick with teaching fairly basic and backwards-compatible things, but the emphases and choices of what to include are not what I'd choose today.

Karpi: Well, I'll do that either way. :P

I'm hoping Kalos will bring the total number of non-legendary Pokémon families close enough to 365 that I can fit the system around that one way or another. But I can't really start planning it out until we actually know all the Pokémon and I know the precise numbers of everything we're dealing with. Happily, mega evolutions give me even more wiggle room for how I can find that magic number in a nonarbitrary way.

[04/09/2013 15:13:05]

Commenting on: 09-03-13

What I'm honestly most excited for is to see what you do with the Zodiac after the new games come out!

[04/09/2013 14:16:56]

Website: Thousand Roads
Commenting on: 09-03-13

Heh, I was thinking the Site Poll needed updating, since you'd already done several of the options. Oh, those tricksy bugs…

I've actually recommended your HTML guide to a couple of people in the past; I think it's pretty nice, really, although admittedly it's been a while since I've gone through many of the later sections. Guess I never noticed the possibility of "horiontal" scrolling…

[04/09/2013 04:07:19]

Commenting on: 09-03-13

Had to test "You suck." In all actuality, I think it's going to be a new quiz script. That's all the majority of your traffic comes for anyway.

[03/09/2013 22:55:35]

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