08/31/13: Squash those bugs

I fixed a couple of silly bugs with the new e-mailing script that were 1) making Magikarp: the Gathering unwinnable at a certain stage, and 2) making it impossible to send an error report without providing a valid e-mail address (that field was meant to be optional). I would have done this sooner, except I've been having trouble accessing the site files from my laptop lately and I'm still in the process of figuring that out.

Oh, and I got a Tumblr. Like my Twitter and LJ, it's personal and not officially connected to this site, but I may post stuff about my progress with site-related things there, with the tag #TCoD.

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891 Fun fact: The above sprite has a 1/8192 chance of being shiny. Feel free to brag if you get one.


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