08/03/14: Some More Capture Mechanics Updates

Continuing the trend of me doing silly tinkering nobody but me cares about, I've made some major improvements to my capture mechanics sections, including splitting the calculators off to their own pages so they're in a more obvious place instead of being buried under a bunch of math:

I've also made a number of improvements to both the pages and the calculators:

  • The formulas on the later-game capture mechanics pages have been typeset with MathJax like the formulas on the R/B/Y capture mechanics page to make them more readable and nice to look at.
  • There have been lots of text tweaks, mostly removing unnecessary references to the previously-written capture mechanics sections and revisions to make the text more concise and on-point and give more relevant information.
  • This included excising large chunks of me showing my work in calculating something, on the assumption that anyone who cares enough about math to want to know how I derived something is probably also good enough at math to be able to do it themselves with a bit of thought.
  • The calculators no longer have a "Calculate" button; instead, the result is shown from the beginning and is recalculated every time you change anything in the form.
  • Since the calculators have been moved off to their own pages, they're no longer in close proximity to a list of what bonuses different balls give under what circumstances, so instead of making the user enter the ball bonus (and/or Apricorn ball modifier), the calculators now let you just pick the ball you're using and will then bring up options for any other relevant data that affects the ball bonus. This is also just generally more user-friendly.
  • Now, if you've checked the "Show details" box, it will always show what HP IVs each result applies to, rather than leaving the header out if the result applies to every possible IV. I at least found it pretty counterintuitive how checking or unchecking the box would in some cases have no visible result whatsoever despite the claim that it's going to tell you about different HP IVs.

I have some ideas about improving the R/B/Y capture mechanics more with some fancy JS-generated graphs, but that'll have to wait; it's been way too long already.

By all means notify me if you find typos, glitches, something working weirdly, etc.

Believe it or not, I have still not forgotten about that personality test.

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Commenting on: 08-03-14

I've been playing Colosseum lately, and watching videos of both the Orre games as well, and a question has popped up in my head. Do the legendary birds and beasts have a higher catch rate in the Gamecube games, or have I and the people I've watched just been very lucky with them?

I know there hasn't been a whole lot of research done on Colosseum and XD, but this is something I'd like to know the answer to if you ever have the time to look into it. :)

[13/08/2014 03:05:59]

Commenting on: 08-03-14


As a math and pokémon nerd I love to see that kind of stuff and I've been looking for the sixth generation algorithm for a while now.

Well, I hope that eventually we finally get it =)

[11/08/2014 16:33:24]

Website: The Cave of Dragonflies
Commenting on: 08-03-14

Unfortunately nobody has been able to find any algorithms in the sixth-generation games yet - ROMs only got extracted a couple of months ago, and without an emulator it's a whole lot harder to find the piece of code that does anything in particular. I'm dying to know how it works, though - it's definitely not the same as the fifth-generation games, since balls can shake twice again.

[10/08/2014 22:00:03]

Commenting on: 08-03-14

Do you know anything about the capture mechanics for sixth generation?

[09/08/2014 20:53:25]

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