07/19/21: More raid data

With some more testing work (and the help of several friends), I've been able to confirm a few things about capturing in Gen VIII raids, and have updated the Gen VIII capture calculator accordingly. The main big conclusions for now are:

  • This was already the common wisdom as I understand it, but we've confirmed that status does not apply to raid captures - the status has been healed by the time the capture is performed.
  • Quick Balls never get their bonus in raid captures (which is to say, they are equivalent to Poké Balls). The turn counter ticks up before you can attempt the capture, so that even if you beat the raid in one turn, it counts as turn 2 by the time you actually throw the ball.
  • Conversely, this means Timer Balls do always get a bonus, equal to 1 + (1229/4096 * turns it took to beat the raid).
  • Raids do not count as "mystery terrain", and thus the grass modifier is not active.
  • The difficulty modifier corresponding to catch difficulty 4 in event raid data is in all likelihood 0.5, or else 0.6.

There are still more tests to be done, and I would really like to be able to extract those multipliers from the game itself, but this is some good progress.

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Wow, I have no idea how that happened.

[01/10/2021 16:38:45]

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*Conclusions, not conclucions. :)

[30/09/2021 22:14:32]

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