05/18/14: Revamped R/B/Y Capture Mechanics

So last Monday my R/B/Y Capture Mechanics article was posted to Hacker News and three popular subreddits and was read by about fifty thousand people, and because I am me my first reaction was to think it's clearly not good enough for all that attention and want to rewrite it immediately.

The most obvious change is that I've recruited the help of MathJax to format the various equations on the page, making them a lot more readable. I also replaced the catch rate graphs with new versions that have a better resolution on the X axis and actually look noticeably different as a result thanks to integer division, corrected a couple of small errors (an incorrect assumption about the Safari Zone that I never corrected once I'd researched the R/B/Y Safari Zone Mechanics section, and a claim that Raticate's catch rate was changed in the second generation when really it wasn't changed until the third), rewrote large chunks of the prose in the hope of making them easier to understand, moved some information from the "Real-World Examples" setion that really belonged in the "What It Means" section, and excised some calculations that I ultimately think were more confusing than helpful. I think it's a significant improvement, at least, and I hope you agree.

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yeah but are we ever going to get gen 6 updates??? :( im looking forward to a gen 6 differences page.

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