05/02/13: Safari Zone Fixes

Of course I realize I slipped up with the Safari Zone mechanics only after I put it up and not in the month it took to make it. Oh, well. I'd made the script I put up yesterday on the assumption that the run check happens before the counters are decremented, but it's actually after, which means the state used for the run check is the same as on the following player turn (which, confusingly, doesn't necessarily match up with the "Wild [Pokémon] is angry/eating!" message shown just before it). With this correction to the script, bait is officially never useful at all ever, even for Magikarp and Poliwag. Joy.

I also did rewrite basically the entire mechanical explanation to be a bit clearer and more detailed about the whole process, and overall I'm a lot more satisfied with it than yesterday.

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Very informative; thank you for putting this together (also all else that is lovely on the site).

…regarding bait: I knew it! D:

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