05/01/13: Safari Zone Mechanics, Finally

Right, so somehow most of my free time in April mysteriously vanished, but here is the real R/B/Y Safari Zone Mechanics section, as promised. It probably looks underwhelming for all the time it took, because I ended up cutting basically half of what I initially wrote for it and the script had all kinds of weird bugs and performance issues and so on and so on and so on, but it has a calculator you can play with and it has way too many overelaborate strategies even though they're almost always inferior to the simplest possible one, so I hope it's at least somewhat fun.

I want to basically rewrite the whole mechanical explanation part right now, but I need to be in bed three hours ago and it should be mostly understandable. Will probably make edits tomorrow. I'll likely just add the other generations' Safari mechanics to that page - they're not nearly as interesting, so they'll probably not warrant separate pages of their own - but either way, it won't hurt to put it up in this form. Especially since as it happens this is to my knowledge the first proper analysis of how the Safari Zone works in R/B/Y (there is a vague explanation on Bulbapedia, but it's both vague and actually wrong about some crucial details), while the others are pretty well understood already.

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Happy to see the real version of this up. Even happier that my childhood analysis, "screw rocks and bait, just chuck balls at everything" turned out to be correct.

Also, effing tauros. Screw infinite master balls, my favorite feature of the Missingno. trick was always that it allowed you to battle Safari Zone pokes in a sane manner. Screw going through ~133 battles for *one* pokémon…

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