04/01/24: April Fools yet again

Hope you all enjoyed this year's little gag. While the style and casino rebranding were obviously a joke, the roulette mechanics were very much not! R/S/E roulette really does involve Taillow and Shroomish cheating for you if you have them in your party and an elaborate chaotic decision tree determining that rolls are more consistent if you have Taillow and Shroomish with you and play in the morning. I have been dying to show you all this madness for over a year now of intermittently working on this article and the simulations in between having to do other things, and truthfully there are still a few more things I want to do for the simulator, so you may see a couple more updates to the article.

I've now reverted the style back to normal and added a writeup about this year's joke to the April Fools' Day joke archive, with a lot of rambling about the 4+-year history of my analysis of R/S/E roulette. Thanks once again to Quiara for prompting all this, and to all of you for your patience!

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Commenting on: 04-01-24

Wait, the whole thing was real? I cross-checked with Bulbapedia (which also had a great prank) to make sure the roulette machine existed, but I kind of just assumed that everything after the first helper tool was fake, because <i>who in the heck</i> programs that much nonsense?! I miss the 2D games…

[02/04/2024 00:08:26]

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