04/01/23: April Fools

Yesterday's update was obviously a joke; I hope you all got some amusement out of it. The Favorite Pokémon Picker is now back to normal, and I've written up this year's joke on the April Fools' Day joke archive.

Hope you've all had a fun day filled with amusing hijinks!

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Commenting on: 04-01-23

Honestly yea, it flew over my head this time around. It nice you have the Archive to explain the jokes for the less diehard fans out there such as myself. I had zero clue what the deal was or that was even a thing in Scarlet. I can't really call myself a Pokemon fan nowadays but as I stated in the past I always find myself checking this site out because you generally put a lot of effort into April Fools. Feel bad sometimes as I am unsure how many people even play your visual novel additions on the year before. Gotta admit, I never got around to looking at all of the possible paths on the game myself. Nevertheless I am grateful you try to make every year into an event and hope you keep doing them for the sake of tradition.

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