03/31/21: New Morphic + Favorite Pokémon Picker

I've been talking for years now about rewriting my Pokémorph fanfic Morphic. I'm pleased to announce that I've now published the first chapter of the rewrite, with a much-improved plot and premise that I trust will please all fans of the story.

Additionally, I've made some sorely needed updates to the Favorite Pokémon Picker! It should now much more accurately reflect your true favorite Pokémon.

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Commenting on: 03-31-21

I actually intentionally left the names when you hover so that if you wanted to use the picker for real on April 1st you could.

Opting out of the joke altogether would unfortunately be no fun, as it would require the page to acknowledge it's a joke. It was just for one day anyway!

[03/04/2021 11:28:07]

Commenting on: 03-31-21

Picker can be a bit annoying, despite my favorite clearly being Scyther the names of other lesser Pokemons still shows when you hover over them. Jokes aside sucks for anyone who want to legit use it today but it should be fine as it is only for a day. In the future it might be nice to have an "opt out on the joke" option if you plan to do this again in the future, regardless this is one of the few sites I go out of my way to check on April Fools simply because you always do something special.

[02/04/2021 03:36:26]

Commenting on: 03-31-21

Hi, not sure if this is an April Fools joke or something but the only Pokémon that seems to be appearing for me on the Favorite Pokémon Picker is Scyther. It’s just picture after picture of Scyther.

[01/04/2021 18:28:12]

Commenting on: 03-31-21

o n l y s c y t h e r

[01/04/2021 14:40:19]

Commenting on: 03-31-21

Hahaha this update is great!

[01/04/2021 11:20:02]

Commenting on: 03-31-21

Wow! According to the new favorite picker, my favorite is now scyther! Who'd have guessed?

[01/04/2021 09:14:20]

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