03/31/13: Safari Zone mechanics at last

Because I never do anything in the order I say I'm going to, I finished the R/B/Y Safari Zone Mechanics. It's only for R/B/Y because as I was researching this I discovered a lot of quite surprising things about how the Safari Zone worked back then, and I thought it warranted a section of its own. (Seriously. The game tries to calculate how nervous you are.)

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Commenting on: 03-31-13

Damn it! That was brilliant, I was about to tell muy friends when I read the comments section. Bah, it sucks that it's fake, it would've been awesome :(

[02/04/2013 17:23:55]

Polymetric Sesquialtera
Commenting on: 03-31-13

I totes thought it was legit at first and emailed an old friend being like "DJSFDJKSFD BUTTON PRESSES WORK IN THE SAFARI ZONE MY LIFE IS A LIE" and then I thought about it some

that was an excellent joke though holy wow

[02/04/2013 13:07:59]

Website: The Cave of Dragonflies
Commenting on: 03-31-13

Yes, it was a joke. Hope it amused you. :) (The real Safari Zone mechanics page will be coming soon, though.)

The update was posted after midnight my time, but I basically always date updates according to the date it was when I got up in the morning, since for one thing most of my visitors are Americans, for whom it would generally still be that date even if it's past midnight over here, and for another thing I tend to be at my most productive in the evening/middle of the night, so most of my updates happen after midnight even if they're specifically intended to go with a particular date, like the site's birthday. Of course, this is also very handy for April Fools' jokes, because it means I can consistently make them in updates dated March 31st. :P

[02/04/2013 11:29:44]

Commenting on: 03-31-13

hahah;ldfkjf aww boo, what? Don't worry you can't do worse than I did. I was on the lookout for apr fool's jokes already (the internet makes it go over like, 2 days for me) but the 31/3 timestamp led me to expect one the next day. ~__~ Very subtle, Dragonfree. Nice work. (But that whole page can't be entirely fake, right..? Whatever, I'll just cry in a corner until it's confirmed.)

[02/04/2013 03:13:04]

Commenting on: 03-31-13

Wait, it was a joke? D:

[02/04/2013 01:42:49]

Commenting on: 03-31-13

Wow, I've already managed to embarrass myself.

[01/04/2013 13:13:55]

Polymetric Sesquialtera
Commenting on: 03-31-13

*applause* i totally thought it was legit. but the game doesn't do that.

[01/04/2013 11:16:08]

Commenting on: 03-31-13

Is this an april fools?

[01/04/2013 09:53:27]

Commenting on: 03-31-13

!!!!! :D The Safari Zone page was the one I voted for* and I am enthralled by what you've written up. Who knew they would've put so much effort into making the Safari Zone as utterly infuriating as possible? And that bypass, too - if only it worked in later games, hehe. (I guess I don't actually know if it does - it just seems like another bit of 1st gen weirdness.) As far as I'm aware this is the only RBY guide written in such detail, so I have to thank you for finally debunking all the mysteries of that wretched place.
*Technically I'm lying because the other choice I voted for was the quiz scripts; never actually used them but I was always interested to, and they're another thing the site uniquely offers. Did you know the relevant poll has 0 votes for 'You suck'? Either the results got cleared somehow or I sincerely didn't notice that the first time round. I'm in slight disbelief.

(Finally, a minor note: Marowak is misspelt as 'Marwak' in between the encounter slot charts. =])

[01/04/2013 08:43:19]

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