03/23/13: Yet More, Plus Humour

In addition to adding several more B2/W2 changes that had somehow managed to slip my mind, I also updated the In-Game Humour section for the first time in years after discovering an Airplane! reference in B2/W2. Since I was updating it and adding something from the fifth-generation games, I also went through all the submissions I'd gotten and added them as well (well, the ones that qualified and were sufficiently specific, at any rate). Whoo.

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random CoD lover. (the cave, not the game XD)
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girl, i wish you would still recieve babelfish entrys lol, cuz i made one that still makes a little sense, and is hilarious (to me at least.) this is for Absol's B/W2 Pokedex entry, from english to japenese to english to spanish to english to latin and back to english. it is: "It seems, that they seperate themselves from within, out of the mountain horn of the vice of loss in the future." vice of loss just sounds like the most epic mysterious thing i have ever heard of XD

[20/05/2013 03:19:54]

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Thank you for updating the humor section, it is one of my favorite parts of the site.

[25/03/2013 01:56:20]

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N's Pokémon thing doesn't seem to be there.

[24/03/2013 02:39:30]

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