02/27/23: Subtle Shinies

Happy Pokémon Day! I've now put up a page on subtle shinies in Scarlet and Violet - a page that I immediately found myself wanting as I played the game with a constant sense of paranoia that maybe some of the Pokémon I was walking past were shiny and I just couldn't tell. It's a list of shinies in the Paldea Pokédex, found in the wild, that are relatively similar to their regular versions, in a way where you might see them in passing or in unusual lighting and simply not notice it's not the usual color.

Since the page is made on the basis of me just looking at pictures of the normal and shiny versions side by side out of context (I am not the sort of person who would ever even dream of trying to have a living shiny dex), I'm sure you all might have some feedback on Pokémon I've missed that are actually pretty fiendish, or Pokémon I didn't put on the "Most Subtle" list that are actually subtler than some that I did - by all means bring on that feedback and let me know.

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I had no idea that my tandemaus was shiny

[06/03/2023 10:07:15]

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This was so helpful

[04/03/2023 04:08:39]

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