02/09/13: Minor update

I added a couple of B/W Changes that I missed, as well as making some revisions, tweaks and corrections to the Status Ailments page. Still working on all that other stuff. B2/W2 changes should be coming soon.

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Commenting on: 02-09-13

Thanks! That question's been bugging me for MONTHS now.

[20/02/2013 01:54:58]

Website: The Cave of Dragonflies
Commenting on: 02-09-13

Neither Sturdy nor Focus Sash can stop a Pokémon from OHKOing itself, so Selfdestruct/Explosion still knock the user out.

Appropriately enough, my spam Pokémon is Skarmory.

[20/02/2013 00:13:52]

Commenting on: 02-09-13

I was wondering something about the changes to the Sturdy ability. Do Explosion and Self Destruct work on Pokémon with Sturdy in 5th gen when they are at full health? I don't really have any way of testing this myself, so I was wondering if you had checked up on that.

It's been bugging me for some time, but since my team is usually faster than the rock types I face, I haven't been able to find a self-detonator at full health.

[19/02/2013 14:24:31]

Website: The Cave of Dragonflies
Commenting on: 02-09-13

Hm, seems a bit late to do that, given B2/W2 have been out for ages and X/Y are coming out in October. But I guess I could, if multiple people want it. I did happen to actually play both main versions this generation, which I usually don't (though one was in Japanese so I didn't exactly have a solid grasp on the dialogue differences).

[11/02/2013 17:47:56]

Commenting on: 02-09-13

@Gardevoir Yes! Could see that working really well.

Also I'm looking forward to the BW2 changes, since I skipped over Black and White (I was waiting for the inevitable Gray)

[10/02/2013 19:20:00]

Commenting on: 02-09-13

You should do a "Should you get Black or White?" section.

[10/02/2013 14:59:26]

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