01/31/24: Groundhog Dave

I've put up another new Morphic AU extra that's been a long time coming, Groundhog Dave, featuring Dave in a time loop on the day of chapter 13 of the fic. Please mind the content warnings on this one, since it's heavier than usual; it includes strong and demeaning language, gun violence, character death, suicide and suicidal ideation, and existential horror. It also spoils the ending of Morphic, and will probably not make too much sense without having read the main fic.

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Oh I just knew that dave couldnt get a happy & hunky-dory ending including at the usual point any other character wouldve "succeeded" but it still hurt anyway GOOD stuff
I also love that like. Hes raging at why hes going through this. Sorry dave the answer is that god is actually ur writer & a bunch of readers rotating you in their minds going "if he was on the moon & killed or was killed by another guy with a rock would that be **ed up or what"

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