01/29/13: Not what you expected

So I am working on both the Safari Zone mechanics and the Interactive Type Chart and a B2/W2 Changes section, and they're all taking ages and needing a lot of work while opaltiger is busily cracking a whip over my head to make me write in all my free time... and then I happen to look at an error report I got a while ago about the Marquee of Doom stopping in Chrome for somebody just before the prize appeared every time, something I didn't manage to figure out at the time and starred for later, and naturally this means I spend hours recoding/rewriting the Marquee of Doom instead of doing any of the things anyone actually wanted me to do.

The good news is I did figure out what was wrong with it in Chrome - it seems to be a bug in the browser, where if it happened that the width of the marquee on your screen was such that at some point a word would wrap to the next line with the cursor after it but could fit on the previous line if the cursor weren't there, no more text would appear until the next explicit line break. For the person who submitted the error report, then, this happened just near the end and prevented them from getting the prize. Ouch. But I also figured out how to work around it, so it should work fine now.

While I was at it, I also adjusted the marquee so that spaces, punctuation and line breaks have a slightly longer wait after them than regular letters, giving a somewhat more natural illusion of typing (I sped up the letters, though, so it should be net faster overall for an average section of it). The script is better now, so it should (not that I've run any benchmarks) run faster on older computers. (Because I am a nerd, I did run benchmarks, and yes, it's a lot faster doing the actual typing now, though of course it still includes deliberate delays between letters so on a system where those dominate the running time of the script, obviously there won't be much of a difference.) And because I can't not do so, I rewrote the text of the marquee - it's mostly the same attempts to bore you, but with somewhat different text around them, which was also the basic gist of the last rewrite of the marquee. I'm not sure I'm that fond of this version so I may go and rewrite it some more, but I will try to actually work on the things I'm supposed to be doing instead of that.

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I can't believe I read the whole Marquee again XD

[06/02/2013 05:31:55]

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Oh yay! I'm glad the Marquee got fixed. This happened to me and my sister about 500 times! I think she sent you an email about it, if I remember correctly :P But in all honesty, I like the Marquee of Doom, I don't find it boring at all! XD

[31/01/2013 02:46:16]

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