01/24/23: Fanfic Updates

S/V content is coming, but in the meantime, I have put up a new fanfic - Go, a one-shot about what if Pokémon Go in its early days became real. Technically it was written for a contest in 2016, but I never put it up here because I didn't like it enough; now I've edited it to be reasonably happy with it, so here it is.

Alongside this, I decided to spruce up the fanfiction section a little bit. Lately I've been drawing cover art for my fanfics, so I figured I may as well include that there with them - and because Morphic and its seven billion extras was dominating the vertical space on that page a bit, I decided to give it its own page (and, while I was at it, mention there how old it is and that I'm working on a rewrite). Hopefully this makes it all a bit nicer to look at!

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768 Fun fact: The above sprite has a 1/8192 chance of being shiny. Feel free to brag if you get one.


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