01/04/19: The Rise of Darkrai

My updated Rise of Darkrai review is up, with less poor writing and more screenshots! It's got a few more good points than I was willing to admit to last time, but unfortunately it's still one of my least favorites, and Godey's Worst Town-Saving Plan Ever still drives me up a tree.

I've also fixed a potential server error caused by giving the Zodiac images a day or month parameter with a null byte in it, a fix that is definitely relevant to honest actors and not just hopeful hackers. (Cool try, bro. No, I was not sticking these parameters into any kind of filesystem access.)

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Commenting on: 01-04-19

That's a good point! The movie clearly establishes Palkia as being the one to bring everything back to normal, and it makes sense Palkia should clean up the mess, but really it'd make a lot more sense for Dialga to be able to restore things to the way they were.

[06/01/2019 00:32:56]

Commenting on: 01-04-19

You know, I'm surprised that you didn't say anything at the end about how it was Palkia who restored Darkrai when it would have been a perfect chance to show off Dialga's time-warping capabilities. It still would have been a cop-out and also odd to fit into the rest of the movie (how would anyone remember anything and the whole event would just happen over, right?) but at least it makes more sense that reversing time restores Darkrai instead of the space-deity Pokemon being able to simply create matter.

[05/01/2019 01:21:28]

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