01/03/23: Happy new year!

A little late for my usual New Year's update because I've been abroad! I hope you're all having a good 2023 so far.

I'm planning some more S/V content, but I've got various other things I need to get into first, so please bear with me for a little while. In the meantime, I'd like to extend my usual New Year's Thanks to:

  • ...all of my lovely internet friends, you all know who you are <3
  • ...but an extra special one to Jackie, Chibi and elyvorg, who I got to see in person this year and have some great times with
  • ...Negrek and the Thousand Roads fanfic community, my primary home on the internet these days
  • ...Tetra, for running the Adventure Quest RP in which I had a lot of fun writing some May
  • ...Latios of the newly-resurrected Shining Misdreavus, for reviving an old community and good nostalgic discussions
  • ...Quiara, who was persistent enough to prod me again after three years into doing some fascinating research on the R/S/E roulette minigame (coming to a Cave of Dragonflies near you)
  • ...my husband Shadey, for continuing to be quality husband
  • ...our cat Birta, for continuing to be quality cat
  • ...my parents, who are good
  • ...everyone still frequenting and creating old-school websites in this day and age
  • ...everyone who has read my fanfics
  • ...my ever-gracious patrons

Happy new year, and I'll see you next update!

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Happy new year! It's been a lot of fun getting to collaborate with you on a programming project again, and I hope we'll get to do more in the future! <3

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