01/01/24: Happy 2024!

Another year comes to an end! I hope, despite everything, you've had a decent 2023 and your 2024 will be better.

This year I would like to extend some thanks to...

  • ...all of my lovely friends, who make me happy by existing, especially those I got to hang out with, have voice or video chats or in-depth conversations, or roleplay with this year including Jackie, Chibi, elyvorg, Psychic and Teagan, Negrek, seatherny, Murkrow and opaltiger
  • ...Altissimo, for working on an amazing and necessary Pokémon data resource and sending me corrections
  • ...Darren of Johto Times, for reconnecting, starting a fascinating newsletter on the early days of Pokémon and its fandom, and even giving me an interview as part of it
  • ...Ayano of Blue Moon Falls, for a fansite with great original content that keeps impressing me
  • ...Ottercopter, for encouraging me to enter the Unsounded fanworks contest
  • ...all of the staff of the Heartache RPG, which I look greatly forward to continuing to enjoy this year
  • ...Game Freak, for the Scarlet and Violet DLC unexpectedly having the most interesting character-based storytelling in any Pokémon game
  • ...my husband Shadey, the love of my life
  • ...Birta, best cat
  • ...my parents, who I feel very grateful for
  • ...the Thousand Roads community, my primary internet home
  • ...my generous patrons
  • ...everyone for your patience with my still-not-quite-finished writeup on R/S/E roulette

Happy new year! I will see you next update... hopefully the roulette.

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Website: Blue Moon Falls
Commenting on: 01-01-24

Happy very belated New Year!! I was opening your site to send a page to someone and I only just so happened to see this. I'm incredibly flattered to be named here, especially considering TCoD was one of my personal main inspirations for making BMF in the first place. I hope you've had a good January! I think we should talk sometime, to be honest.

[22/01/2024 00:00:53]

Commenting on: 01-01-24

Happy New Year! 2024 marks twenty years of me being in the online Pokémon community, and I'm SO glad TCoD is still around after all this time. Sad that most of the other sites from back then are gone, but I probably would have been amazed if someone told me I'd still be browsing TCoD after twenty years. This site will always be special to me.

[03/01/2024 06:24:34]

Website: Thousand Roads
Commenting on: 01-01-24

Happy new year! It's been great getting to hang out with you and Shadey more recently. Hope we can continue that into 2024!

Best of luck to you in the new year! Thanks for being your wonderful self, in 2023 and always.

[01/01/2024 11:36:57]

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