01/01/22: Happy 2022!

What a year, huh? All sense of time has become muddled in this pandemic. I hope you all and your loved ones are safe and comfortable and things will look up in the new year.

I also have an actual update for you: my 2012 fanfic short story Butterfree has finally been updated with extensive revisions, after I've been kicking around changes to it for more than a year. It's still basically the same story, and you will recognize a lot of it if you read it before, but it's been fleshed out considerably, and the ending in particular is a bit different in tone.

It's also, of course, time for my traditional New Year's Thanks. Have these gotten redundant over the years as the important people in my life tend to be largely the same from year to year? Is it maybe even a little weird when I don't use the site updates as pretty much a personal blog the way I did back in 2004? A little, but shush, it's tradition you guys.

For 2021, I would like to thank...

  • elyvorg, for endless Skype chats, giving the Thousand Roads community a chance, continuing commentary on fiction, and Foregone Conclusion, which may be eleven years old but I still love it just as much.
  • Jackie and Chibi, who I will meet this year if it's the last thing I do, for all the great times, talks, voice chats, roleplaying, and friendship in general.
  • Cupcakedex, who's been through so much this year and come out on the other side still making adorable Pokémon food creations and hosting streams I wish I could watch more often.
  • Negrek, for good talks, excellent goofy RP interactions, continuing to make Thousand Roads a lovely fanfic community, and writing Salvage.
  • Everyone who helped test game mechanics with me this year.
  • Telecod, for being lovely and interesting and all in all an essential part of my day.
  • My patrons, for enduring support through a strange time. (I remind you all who have pledged to a request tier to message me your requests if you want them!)
  • Namohysip, for hosting the Blacklight Eternal RP, and everyone who played it, for some of the most fun I've had.
  • My husband Shadey, whom I have adored for fifteen years now and only love more as time goes by.
  • My cool parents, who've both had pretty cool accomplishments this year even if they should remain anonymous. Proud of you.
  • Our cat Birta, who recently had to endure weeks in a cone of shame.
  • Everyone who still regularly visits this website, now in the age of nobody regularly visiting websites anymore. I will be doing this forever but it's always nice when somebody's there to witness it.

Here's to 2022, when this website will turn twenty years old! Hope to be able to do more updates this year.

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Website: swifty's hq
Commenting on: 01-01-22

hello ^_^ long long long time reader, first time commenter, i think…

it's been many many years, but i still fondly remember your site (and many others like it!) from my years as a preteen browsing the internet in 2003-2008ish. i'm really really happy to see it still alive and well when all the others have fallen into the internet archives.

your site has always been a very big inspiration to me! and i finally made my own personal website as a love letter to sites like yours. i'm hoping to keep up with it as a little home for myself on the modern internet.

anyways! thank you so much for the years of memories, and for sticking around :-)!

[08/03/2022 16:57:20]

Commenting on: 01-01-22

I've been reading since some time in 2008 (had to look at the old splash pages to verify haha) and I have no plans to stop any time soon. Looking back, over the past 13 years your site has had a weirdly large influence on me. Your HTML guide got me into web development, if only as a hobby.

I really appreciate that you've kept the old stylesheets around by the way. It's really funny to see the transition from 800px fixed-width layouts to fluid layouts for widescreen monitors to mobile-friendly layouts for screens even narrower than 800px.

[31/01/2022 12:13:06]

Commenting on: 01-01-22

Happy New Year! I have been reading your site since 2005 and don't plan to stop anytime soon. :)

[31/01/2022 06:36:57]

Website: Field of Innocence Forum
Commenting on: 01-01-22

Happy New Year! I'm so glad TCoD is still alive after all these years. :) I hate that personal sites aren't really a thing anymore, but TCoD was always my favorite, and I hope it's around forever.

(Also, is it weird that I loved reading the blog-style updates in 2004? They were fun to read.)

[07/01/2022 19:51:59]

Commenting on: 01-01-22

Oh… that story was beautiful, thank you so much for sharing it. The characters' emotions feel so real and raw. I actually burst into tears near the end.

Happy new year, anyway! Here's hoping for more mechanics testing opportunities in 2022.

[03/01/2022 08:14:39]

Commenting on: 01-01-22

Here's to a happier 2022! I somehow manage to always be surprised when you shout me out here, but it's such a delight and so lovely, so thank you <3

Also DANG the new revision of Butterfree was great! I love all the additions and changes to the ending, it feels overall more thoughtful and like the protagonist is really *listening* to both Butterfree and their other Pokemon now!

[03/01/2022 02:58:41]

Website: Thousand Roads
Commenting on: 01-01-22

Happy new year! And somehow I completely failed to make the connection that the "Butterfree" revision was posted on new year's day. Congrats on getting that accomplished!

Thanks for the shout-out, and I'm glad I was able to make your 2021 a bit better. Wish you the best in 2022! <3

[03/01/2022 02:19:03]

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