01/01/13: Happy 2013

Happy new year, everyone. Hope you've had nice holidays; mine were hectic enough that I didn't get much done, but oh well. I'm going to finish that type chart as soon as I can.

So, to follow tradition, my New Year's Thanks!

  • The London Expo crew, including Dannichu, opaltiger, elyvorg, Cirrus, Espeon, Mhals and surskitty, for making it so worth it buying flights to England twice a year. You are such lovely people.
  • Shadey, for being the softest cuddliest.
  • My parents, for lunches and walks with accompanying discussions.
  • The QftL readers who cheered me on for NaNoWriMo, for making me actually finish the bloody thing at last. Whoo! opal gets a special mention here again for having roped me into doing it in the first place (though he has yet to show me pictoral evidence of the actual pom-poms he promised to use).
  • opal and elyvorg (again), for theorizing on my silly fanfic and making me feel like an evil mastermind.
  • Psychic, for continuing to be wonderful.
  • elyvorg (yet again), for being amazing, watching ReGenesis and The Prestige, showing me The Pirates! In an Adventure with Scientists! and other delightful things. This makes up for the fact she has still not written any Lost Evolution, which makes me sadface.
  • magical, for looking into game mechanics with/for me.
  • Chibi Pika, for being my fanfiction psychic twin, drawing the most amazing things, more theorizing, and being hilarious.
  • Polymetric Sesquialtera, for immortalizing my screwing-around with the G/S/C capture algorithm.
  • Negrek, for finishing Clouded Sky in the most Clouded Sky of ways.
  • Everyone who's still here, for still being here.
  • Derren Brown, for breaking my brain. Wait, I probably shouldn't be thanking him for that.

And that's all for now, though I probably forgot some people who have been particularly amazing and apologize in advance for that. Happy new year again, and may the next hold many actual updates.

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Website: The Cave of Dragonflies
Commenting on: 01-01-13

We don't know for sure that X/Y will have no sprites of any kind yet, but even if they don't, all that means is I'd put some other artwork on the Zodiac images, like Sugimori or Dream World art.

[11/01/2013 16:29:38]

random CoD lover. (the cave)
Commenting on: 01-01-13

i dont know lol, its just that i love the zodiac, but it might be a little harder to update now that there is no sprites to use lol. and unfortunately, im not one of the dunsparce lovers, but im on dunsparce day XD.

[11/01/2013 12:59:19]

Website: The Cave of Dragonflies
Commenting on: 01-01-13

Of course the Zodiac will be updated. It was updated for the past two generations; why would I stop now?

[10/01/2013 00:56:42]

random CoD lover. (the cave)
Commenting on: 01-01-13

i know its way too early, but for an update sometime this year, there is a new gen coming. once all the pokemon are revealed, i would really like it if you updated the zodiac. that would be awesome.

[10/01/2013 00:05:01]

Commenting on: 01-01-13

I am more than a little amused that I ended up there for a five-minute sketch where my handwriting is pretty much unreadable anyway

[05/01/2013 03:18:14]

Website: Thousand Roads
Commenting on: 01-01-13

"This is boring, I'm going to drop it and go off and write something way more crazy?" I suppose it is a pretty fitting end to the tale. :P

I hope opaltiger is planning to share the photographic that is definitely going to exist of those pom-poms with more than just you; I hope he understands how much the internet needs that picture.

[03/01/2013 08:51:03]

Commenting on: 01-01-13

Next year I hope to be on this list for having driven you to finish the editing of the damn thing…

[02/01/2013 09:54:47]

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