Stop the Flaming

Pokémon fans and Pokémon haters have flamed each other since Anti-Pokémon came around.

Both sides do this. Pokémon fans sometimes argue that Anti-Pokémon is in its essentials a hate-based concept while most Pokémon fans ignore Pokémon haters, but you are looking in the wrong place - not all Pokémon websites are at all against Anti-Pokémon, but obviously, all Anti-Pokémon websites are against Pokémon. A better comparison would be to compare flaming on the side of Anti-Anti-Pokémon to flaming on the side of Anti-Pokémon - and the truth is, both sides are guilty.

Let me ask you something:

Have those who have a different opinion than you do on a series of video games really done something so horrible they deserve to be hated to that point?

There is nothing wrong with either view - whether you like or hate Pokémon, you're just a person with an opinion. Imagine the catastrophic results if governments were run by people who make such a trivial thing matter so much. Imagine what they would do to their political opponents...

That being said, a misunderstanding has to be cleared up: NOT all Pokémon fans or Pokémon haters flame. Not at all. Too many people stereotype, which is a very bad thing. If your only experience of the other side is flamers, consider that the people who don't flame would hardly be bothering you at all. It is only natural you would not notice them. But they are there. They are definitely there.

But wait, there's more. If you're not convinced, think about what you're really doing for your side. Both Anti-Pokémon and Anti-Anti-Pokémon websites have always pointed fingers at each other for being immature. Guess why? Exactly because of the people who do cuss the other side out in guestbooks and send hatemail. You're not helping your side - you're making it look bad.

I hate flaming. I find it downright sad - and angering, in a way - to watch people mindlessly insult each other's brains out over something so laughably insignificant. Why is it the end of the world that somebody likes or dislikes Pokémon? Why does that make the difference between a person who deserves to be called names and one who doesn't?


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