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If you ever wanted to know anything about the routes and other areas in Diamond and Pearl, look no further. If you're looking for location data for water (fishing and surfing), look here.

How to Read This Section

This section is best viewed in a non-[res] style at a decent resolution! The tables are too wide for 800x600. In an emergency, you can view a plain version with no navigation on it here.

Basically, this section consists of detailed wild Pokémon info on all the locations in Diamond and Pearl with wild Pokémon found while walking (as opposed to fishing or surfing), ordered by the highest-leveled Pokémon found in each area. Some areas have different sections; if all the sections of an area contain the same Pokémon or there is only one area, only the location's name is shown in the heading, but if they differ, they are here treated as different locations (although the "Where" and "Notes" about them will be the same). If Diamond and Pearl have different Pokémon, there is one table for each version; otherwise there is only one.

The table is arranged into rows of rarity slots and columns of methods. The way the Pokémon games code wild Pokémon is that each location has twelve rarity slots, each having its own chance of appearing. There is one possible Pokémon and level in each rarity slot for Morning, which is the default method. For all the other methods (day, night, PokéRadar, swarming, and each of the GBA Pokémon games), a number of rarity slots is reserved for possibly being changed when that condition is met. This is organized such that it will never overlap; the GBA games change slots nine and ten, for instance, while slots three and four are modified when it is day or night. Basically, for all the method conditions that are true for you - the time of day, whether you're using the PokéRadar, whether there's a Pokémon swarming at the moment, whether and which GBA Pokémon game you have in your GBA slot - a couple of slots are changed from the default morning. The tables in this section reflect this by not listing any methods that do not modify any Pokémon slots in the location and showing all unmodified slots as -. This naturally does not mean there is no Pokémon in this slot at all when using this method; it just means that either the slot is modified by something else or it is the default Morning Pokémon.

You can hover over any Pokémon in the table to see the experience and effort points you get for defeating it, but the total averages for the location are also summed up below the table. The average base experience, by the way, is basically how much experience the Pokémon give relative to their levels.

In order to find where a certain Pokémon is found, you can simply use your browser's search function (usually Ctrl+F in my experience) to search for the Pokémon's name. I might at some point create a tool to search for it more easily, but this is it right now.

So well, let's just get right to the list. If you want to skip to the "Places to Train" section for good locations to train Pokémon at certain levels, please go here.

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