(This page is old; I no longer have the Play-Asia links this refers to, because now that the main series Pokémon games get simultaneous worldwide releases, they just weren't that useful. I guess you can still use the form if you desperately want to try to earn me money, though.)

While I harbor a great distaste for advertising, there is one kind of advertising that serves an actual purpose other than forcing marketing on people who aren't interested: when it's genuinely included as useful information.

For example, many Pokémon fans can't wait for new games to be released in their country and instead pre-order the Japanese version from websites like I think that's useful information. You can do it even if you don't know Japanese, since Pokémon is generally fairly easy to figure out without being able to read the text - though you might want to have a walkthrough handy to navigate the plot and know what's going on. And they ship internationally, even to places like Iceland.

Play-Asia also has an affiliate program, which gives every user a unique link to every item sold on the site, and if other people then buy an item through that link, that earns the link owner affiliate commission - a portion of the price of the item that gets recorded in their account and can be withdrawn or used to buy things from the site.

So. I link to Play-Asia, mostly because I think it's useful. But if you buy a game through one of my links, I earn a little bit of commission on it. I don't expect anything from you - I don't think the visitors of my site owe me something for enjoying work that I consciously put up for free on the Internet - but if you'd like to order a Pokémon game online and you feel like supporting me in the process, I'd be thrilled if you did so through the links I've placed on my links menu (generally the newest main series games).

For that matter, if you want some other game, or some other item altogether, and really feel like supporting me because you're just awesome like that, you can also use this search form, which will tell Play-Asia you got there from me regardless of what you end up buying.

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