We've all heard the normal Pokémon jokes - "You poke 'em on" and all that - but it's time for something more original. That's why this page has Pokémonized quotes, poems, songs, etc.

"There is no Pikablu or Pikablue. There's only Marill - and those too lazy to update."

"There is no good or evil. There is only power - and those too weak to seek it." - Voldemort: J.K. Rowling's Harry Potter and the Philosopher's stone

"If there's anything I hate, it's a Metapod who never learned Tackle."

"If there's anything I hate, it's a Death eater who walked free." - Bartemius Crouch Jr. while impersonating professor Mad-eye Moody: J.K. Rowling's Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire

By Dannichu:

On the twelfth day of Christmas, Pikachu gave to me:
Twelve Smeargles painting,
Eleven Eevees running,
Ten Dittos morphing,
Nine Cleffas dancing,
Eight Xatus flying,
Seven Sandshrews digging,
Six Pichu smiling,
Five Jigglypuff,
Four Butterfree,
Three Magikarp,
Two Charizards,
And a gorgeous Togepi.

Originally: Don't tell me you don't know this one.

By Latios:

Sweat It Out, Pokémon Remix

No sleeping on hard Pinecos
Team Rocket keeps on sneaking
Cant deny sigh for sigh
Its Trainer Season
Dictate to my reason
She-Sneasels were eating lunch-meat
Hey trainer stick it in your pack
Do I need a reason?

Burn Heals in long hallways
No zeroes in Pallet Town
Dont give me years of tears
Give me feathers of down
Entei burns with black smoke
Oil Panic makes us dopes
Man its hard to train them
When your moms broke

Dont bow-wow
Dont look down
Strengthen up
Get your head out
Heads up let em out
Heads up win em out
When your heads up
Battle it out
Heads up
Battle it out

Oddish froze in the cold Blizzard
Much ice on the green leaves
Latios and Jolteon
Stand and shiver
More waits when lines form
Gym Leader in a uniform
Knocking on your door
For your dice and horn


Sweat It Out

No ceiling on hard living
Peace keepers keep on breathing
Cant deny eye for eye
Its open season
Dictate to my reason
She devils were ruling Britain
Hey girl stick it in your purse
Call it treason

Band aids on dead doorways
No heroes in the Bat Cave
Dont give me Tears for Fears
Give me tears of rage
Fires burn with black smoke
Oil slicks put us on the ropes
Man its hard to handle
When the banks broke

Dont kow-tow
Dont bow down
Loosen up
Get the lead out
Backs up let em shout
Backs up sweat it out
When your backs up
Sweat it out
Backs up
Sweat it out

Hope froze in the cold weather
No ice on a greasy river
Liberty and John Doe
Stand and shiver
War waits when lines form
The baby sitter in a uniform
Knocking down your door
For your rice and corn

Sweat It Out, written by Elton John and Bernie Taupin for Elton Johns The One (CD and cassette), (P) 1992 Happenstance Ltd.

By Crystylla:

"It was Ash, Butterfree. Ash opened the Unknown Dungeon 3 years ago."

"It was Hagrid, Ron. Hagrid opened the Chamber of Secrets 50 years ago." - Harry, J.K. Rowling's Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets

By DJ Pikachu:

1999—from Bowling for Suicune’s A Hangover Pokémon Fans Don’t Deserve

Danny just smacked the wall, he never caught ‘em all
Two Advil a day, from playin’ his GBA
His goal went through the floor
With cartridge twenty-four
Only played as one man
What happened to his plan?

He was gonna be a trainer
He was gonna be a star
He was gonna whup Gary
For the sake of Master-par
The yellow spongy glee [i.e., SpongeBobSquarePants] is now the enemy
Looks at his nerdy life
And nothing has been alright

Since Tracey, Duplica,
Fighting old Sabrina,
There was Mewtwo, and Richie,
Pokémon’s still on UPN
His sister, in high school,
She tells him that he’s uncool
‘Cause he’s still preoccupied
With 19, 19, 1999

He’s heard all the classics
He knows every line
‘2 B.A. Master,’ ‘My Best Friends,’
Even ‘The Time Has Come’
He walked out on Sam!
Not a great big Yugi fan
Thought he’d get a hand
On his attacks of sand

Where’re the backpacks shaped like Pikachu?
And who’s the other girl traveling on Advanced?
When did Deoxys get on TV?
Whatever happened to card games, movies
In the theaters? There was . . . [Repeat Chorus.]

He hates this, make it stop
When did O-Town become classic pop?
And when did Stadium get on the Gamecube?
Please make it stop, stop, stop . . . and bring back . . . [Repeat Chorus, twice.]


1985—from Bowling for Soup’s A Hangover You Don’t Deserve

Debbie just hit the wall, she never had it all
One Prozac a day, husband’s a CPA
Her dreams went out the door
When she turned twenty-four
Only been with one man
What happened to her plan?

She was gonna be an actress
She was gonna be a star
She was gonna shake her a—
On the hood of White Snake’s car
Her yellow SUV is now the enemy
Looks at her average life
And nothing has been alright

Since Bruce Springsteen, Madonna,
Way before Nirvana
There was U2, and Blondie,
Music’s still on MTV
Her two kids in high school
They tell her that she’s uncool
‘Cause she’s still preoccupied
With 19, 19, 1985

She’s seen all the classics
She knows every line
‘Breakfast Club,’ ‘Pretty in Pink,’
Even ‘St. Elmo’s Fire’
She rocked out to Wham!
Not a big Limp Bizkit fan
Thought she’d get a hand
On a member of Duran Duran

Where’s the miniskirt made of snakeskin?
And who’s the other guy that’s singing in Van Halen
When did reality become TV
Whatever happened to sitcoms, game shows
On the radio was . . . [Repeat Chorus.]

She hates time, make it stop
When did Motley Crue become classic rock?
And when did Ozzy become an actor?
Please make this stop, stop, stop . . . and bring back . . . [Repeat Chorus, twice.]

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