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12/25/04: Whee...

Merry Christmas/Season's Greetings/whatever you may prefer. Anyway, even though the section is kinda still in progress, I put up a Free Quizzes section. It will have both ASP and Javascript scripts, but so far it only has the ASP for one type of a personality test. Have fun making your own.

Chapter eighteen, "Enemies Forever", of The Quest for the Legends is also up. Yep, I was writing till five in the morning on Christmas Day. I need help.

UPDATE EDIT: Yay! Thanks to Crystylla, who provided me with a link where I could find just the Javascript I was looking for, I finished the Javascript version of the free quiz. Now the other types will be a breeze to make, since they only differ in the way the final result is calculated, so expect them very soon...

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